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  1. Where can I get the 1.14 pre2 of spigot? I looked for downloads or source code but didn't find it.
  2. Its not available
  3. You just have to wait like all other passed spigot builds, be patient, they are all working hard to give us a stable version
  4. Ok... I thought spigot is open source and I can contribute to bugfixes in the last days before stable release...
    So, I just wait.
  5. Spigot IS open source, but the 1.14 builds are done privately until they are stable enough to release to the public
  6. Excuses, excuses.

    This thread is about the community server and not the availability to the public.
    It is about solving problems which may occur in the development of Spigot as the pre-releases from Mojang are made public.

    For those that are developing plugins. They should follow the anticipated changes presented on Gamepedia and follow the appropriate conversations in anticipation of the expected changes.

    Thankfully for us Mojang do offer these pre-releases for Spigot to develop against.
    Mojang could just throw out a new version without any background notice and take us all by surprise!

    (I think that Mojang appreciates our testing and development support on the quiet.)
  7. Then they should (perhaps silently) cooperate with the API devs more, so we can either push an official API soon enough, or just have a better workflow overall. It doesn't take more than 1 man on Mojang to communicate things out, which will not get touched in the code or when and were other devs should migrate.

    I'm still rooting for a more official API solution, but it seems like most people just forgot. And you can't take Mojang's words of 2015 to death serious, that there ever will be an official API. Hence to compete with Hytale, they should open the gates for modding and focus only on the tech side of the game...
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  8. That would be an offence against the the company policies for the majority of employers - trade secrets.
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  9. md_5

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    There's a lot of factors that go into when a new Spigot version is released.

    Some of them are to do with Vanilla.
    Some of them are to do with Mojang.
    Some of them are to do with Spigot.
    Some of them are to do with SpigotMC.
    Some of them are to do with you guys.
    Some of them are to do with me.

    I'm perfectly capable of exercising my judgement of when the time is right. Changing any one of those factors isn't going to bring you a release any quicker.


    On another note, I find the API related arguments pretty weak. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. This is not a repeat of 1.13, there are not substantial changes to the API. Only very few plugins are likely to require updates.
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  10. Will the bow fire event support the multi shot enchantment/allow us to modify each arrow individually or are all three arrows basically clones of the one the event provides?
  11. md_5

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    iirc its event per arrow
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  12. Lowkey might have to look into a MulitShotUseEvent or smth with an array of the arrows being shot in order to apply effects across all arrows shot out at once rather than having a chance based multiplier only apply to a handful of the arrows :thinking:
  13. Im excited to see if Spigot does some work with the new jigsaw block and if not, trying my damndest to figure out the NMS of it, I think its going to be super cool!
  14. Regarding "api-version" will 1.13 in 1.14 still work?
    And if we accidently use 1.14 there would that break it? :p
  15. md_5

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    I'm undecided on that point.
    Will probably just allow 1.14 for consistency.
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  16. All this god damn bitching - SpigotMC.org owes nobody here anything - you sit your ass down and patiently wait like everybody else. What's out is out, what's not out, is not out. If there's something new: you can find out on the frontpage.

    I don't see any of these whiney on the play.* server doing any bug hunting. You're just selfish.
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  17. i can't join server. can you solve problem?
  18. md_5

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    Works for me
  19. Really?
  20. Choco

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    Yes... really...

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