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  1. Spigotmc has a Teamspeak server so the last aspect of communication is covered: voice
  2. I remember reading in the past that md_5 has mentioned a big phat no to running an official Discord.
  3. Myself I am very doubtful of using it. I do run DiscordSRV which means that Discord company has access to all global chat logs on the server. If FB ever buys them I am going to be furious (and will immediately switch to IRC.) I will miss what it offers though. So far from what I can tell it hasn't happened (yet.) But I am leery of a company that communicates through memes.
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  4. FB every? What? Your source on this?
  5. Oh thanks looks like I missed a typo. I hate that. : )
  6. I think the benefit of IRC is that you can host it yourself, unlike Discord.
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  7. MiniDigger


    Not only host but also control.
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  8. Used to use Discord, I also would rather IRC, good old days, Going back to the amirc days on the Amiga.
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  9. Can't rejoin the server anymore. That started after returning from the Nether. I wonder if it's bouncing me between the Nether and Overworld before all the chunks can load :p
    Entering the Nether was fine. EDIT: I went to Nether on a vanilla server, didn't have this problem
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  10. Erm im getting an error when trying to join "Could not connect to a default or fallback server, please try again later: io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException"
  11. You should know that one.
    Simply means that the server is proxied by Bungeecord and that the server is not available at the time that you tried to log in.
  12. fixed join server thanks!
  13. Poked around a bit, found some pillagers, dang the crossbow does a lot of damage! Ended up with two unanswered questions though: How aggressive are the pillagers at entering a village? As in, how solid a wall do I need to keep a prime village safe? Is fencing sufficient (I'm thinking no)? And second, are foxes really that common? There are hundreds of them everywhere. In about an hour of play I saw what felt like 3,000 foxes and maybe 1 skeleton. If foxes are spawning so often that other mobs are NOT spawning, that's not good.
  14. Might be an issue akin to the dolphin one we saw in 1.13
  15. I am excited to see how we will be able to convert the network to 1.14, tomorrow's Mojang's release, seeing the PR updates go out pretty fast, it looks promising that we will have a fun summer building in 1.14
  16. Wait... what did I miss?
  17. wow
  18. what miss?
  19. You missed: 23rd April: Mojang Minecraft 1.14 release.
  20. I’m hyped for it, I plan to wait like 2-3 weeks before dropping 1.13 support entirely (I’m so using the new villager GUIs). Might drop sooner but I doubt it, idk what everyone else is thinking/if they for some reason plan to support 1.13 and 1.14
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