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  1. I'd wait for Spigot first ;) But yeah.. no use upgrading or updating if there's no solid stable reason to do so.
    Testing etc will all be required again.
  2. 2-3 weeks after spigot drops XD, should’ve specified. And I have some good usage planned for new GUIs coming up so my idea is to let some core plugins update before I drop 1.13.2 entirely so I can utilize the new features. I’m hoping the dev community takes this chance and starts only supporting recent versions otherwise we will have the mess of 1.8 again imo o_O
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  3. New GUI - like.. the trade gui used as custom menus is nice.. can't wait to show those off in a plugin soon ;)
  4. I plan to move my skill viewing and ability upgrade GUIs over to that one specifically depends on how easy it is to use :think:

    The grindstone ones also look pretty decent
  5. When I try to join the server the client hangs on loading the world. Only killing Minecraft is possible.
    Playing 1.14 in single player works fine without a hanging client.

    Here is the screenshot of the problem:

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  6. Try changing particles to minimal.
  7. I'd like to update my server as soon as Spigot is ready; we've deleted a ton of previously explored territory in prep for the 1.13 update and have been avoiding exploring too much to avoid villages. Didn't want a bunch of "old" villages near our bases when the new shiny ones were coming. Looks like new villages use beds instead of doors as size counters - I'm interested to see how this affects existing (pre-1.14) villages when the changes hit. Have seen some wondering about the bell; if the bell signals where a village is, what happens in an existing village with no bell?
  8. I've done a lot of reading about updates, and from what I have read, bells have nothing to do with the village, other than you can ring them, and villagers will head to their houses.
    Villages, like always, are centred around the villagers. In the update, as you stated, villagers breed based on amount of beds rather than the amount of doors.
    My assumption is old villages will still work with the exception of breeding, you would manually have to go add beds to them if you want your villagers to breed.
  9. Bells are also used for raids to light up all hostile mobs in a 40 block area
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  10. I always thought those foxes were someone just being trollish. Or who really, really, really wanted them to be bug-free.
  11. I can't connect using the 1.14 Minecraft that was released yesturday.
  12. Server is running 1.14-pre5
  13. Good job guys! I am proud of you!
  14. ok, great, the last days i try to setup some 1.14. server to upgrade my 1.13.2. everything was fine, but now it comes. 1. no plotsquare i tried many versionsnothing works, 2. worldguard too, no reaktion on all versions, 3. worldedit and fawe works not stabile. but i have to say everything else works fine, cant test plotworld but 1.14 works, the good, very good and best plugins are still working, give me stuff, my servers wants something to eat and the children something to play hehehehe, so hang on and do some 1.14 upgrades for me hehehe
  15. This thread is about the play.spigotmc.org community server, not about the 1.14 dev builds. just an FYI.
  16. Really good job. Glad that the Minecraft community is still going.
  17. почему spigot 1.14 server лагает жестоко
  18. The English language is the prefered here.
    Minecraft 1.14 is more of a beta do not use it in production.
  19. Okay anyone having a problem with villager breeding just not working on a server? I have the latest spiggot plugin with open inv, world guard, world edit, and grief prevention. The problem is the villager breeding does not work the breeder setup works and was tested in single player. I just need to know if this is just broken on the servers.
  20. This server don't work for me, anyone having the same issue ?

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