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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Jan 18, 2019.

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  1. no more community server then ?
  2. Isn’t it only live during testing...?
  3. I look forward to getting stung with all of you
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  4. It is dead after the 1.14 release. Now we have snapshots, @md_5 can community server back on plz? okty
  5. MiniDigger


    It's far too early in the snapshot cycle, I kinda doubt progress on updating spigot started.
    1.15 will not drop this year, they said they want to focus on stability for the rest of the year.
  6. Hopefully they do. Hopefully nms gets much faster too.
    Would help the spigot community a lot.
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  7. This makes it sound like someone over there has finaly found some common sense and has realised how much that broken releases have affected the games reputation.

    It also makes it appear that some actual end user testing interaction will be done in order to alleviate many problems.

    We live in hope ...
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  8. Also they now have more freedom with updates since Microsoft basically have them a date with 1.14 they had to release by which meant a broken release. Now they have the ability to push back releases and take their time to ensure stable updates. I’m sure they were aware of the issues, there was just little that could’ve been done ;)
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  9. The purpose AFAIK is for testing the development builds of a server.
    Therefore since 1.14.4 has moved to a full release, the community server will be down until 1.15 (or, whichever is next) development builds are rolled out.
  10. I launched my first server at the tail end of 1.12.2... you could describe it as a nightmare, but at least I'm no longer so ignorant. I did want to learn all of this stuff eventually, just not with everything on fire. We even had Open Terrain Generator working... what a difference.

    Now, seeing a change log with nothing but bees and honey being pushed off by a year actually is a good thing, I'm with you Toenail.
  11. Uhm I know this is out of context but how do you post a new thread? I can't find out how. I don't see a blue button on the top right side. I'm really new.
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