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    Server is updated to 19w06a.
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  2. Speedy as usual. Thanks for the fast update.
  3. Good news, cant wait! Best of luck
  4. So I assume the cross bow will also utilize the EntityShootBowEvent? McRPG attaches meta data to arrows for usage of archery abilities and I designed them so they should work be viable even with cross bows. My one question is, what will getProjectile() do if the cross bow is fired with multi shot, shooting three arrows at once? Will this event be fired three times? If thats the case I will need to start working on a workaround now since only the first arrow shot from that enchantment would contain the required meta data if I am correct in my assumptions.
  5. Hey, brother, when can I get it?
  6. Spigot won’t be released for a bit. Rarely do they do a release prior to a MC pre release and even then there isn’t much of a need for them to do it early on this go arojnd
  7. hmmm is it me or mojang's next update is going to take a while as they are busy adding features that are aimed for competition

    look at this update


    looks familiar?

    in the next update there will be a new splash screen showing resources loading lol (again looks familiar?)


    I am not going to be surprised anymore if they start adding yetis and and a new pvp mechanic.

    Well they already released crossbows.

    oh yeah jeb already tweeted something about combat mechanic.
    https://twitter.com/jeb_/status/1093838941676077056 (an effort to revive the pvp community?)

    Well not going to expect a sudden release of useful updates at least to java developers.

    Going to give them credit for the new rendering system. kudos for my graphics card reaching 400fps on 1.14

    yeah Mojang, put more mobs a squared cobra next time:LOL:.

    For the question of "When is the spigot 1.14 server going to release"?
    Well common sense is all we need.
    Mojang modifies minecraft server code then spigotmc.org team updates the bukkitcraft server internals to match the mojang update then updates the spigot api.

    So unless the spigotmc.org's team has a magic code generator that can produce the official minecraft code that mojang will release in the future. No do not expect any bukkitcraft or spigot API coming out before the official server is out. This will ensure that the spigot release build will not break when mojang suddenly discovers that the pre release versions has a major bug in it and needs to drastically modify the servers internals.
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  8. MiniDigger


    Mmh? What makes you think that? Who is competition for the best selling game ever?

    Foxes where announced at minecon, the loading screen is smth bone did while he was bored I guess.

    Not sure what the point of yetis will be but we know that they want to readjust combat in a future update (not 1.14)

    As announced on minecon.

    They are working behind close walls for ages on combat stuff now. Last summer they spoke to a bunch of YouTubers about it.

    So how do you call the last releases? Lol. They are all focusing on refactoring the internals to make them easier to use.

    The rendering system hasn't changed (yet). They just updated lwjgl again and rewrote the lighting generation system.

    It's not bukkitcraft. There is craftbukkit, which is the implementation of Bukkit ontop of the vanilla Minecraft server. Spigot then modifies both of them. All 3 projects, spigot, Bukkit ans craftbukkit are maintained by md.
    Once mojang starts with prereleases I would prepare myself for spigot prereleases too as that would indicate that mojang will not change major things anymore so the API could be considered stable (while the impl could still change a bit)
  9. If you are going to state this so called "Common sense" maybe you should get some common sense and understand how Spigot/Bukkit works, as Minidigger pointed out:

    Not to sound too rude Razer, but its laughable when someone states a "fact" and follows it with "Common sense" .... even more so when their "fact" is completely wrong.
  10. Also this makes no sense:
    As you have already learned md_5 is the one who updates Bukkit, CraftBukkit and Spigot to work with new MC versions.

    When mojang releases these snapshots, they also release snapshots of the server, hence how md_5 has already started working on Bukkit/Craftbukkit/Spigot 1.14, we can see this already by logging onto the Spigot Community Server
  11. Well yeah it is given that minecraft is the second best selling game ever (for now).
    That does not imply that a new game can not compete with it in terms of game play experience or game content in the same niche.

    Well gotta watch the minecon video then for updates

    My point is what is the sense of adding a mob that basically already exists in game in terms of functionality?
    A cat mob is more useful as it repels creeper mobs. Aesthetics?
    The Phantom mob released in 1.13 I get but foxes which has the functionality of a dog mob maybe less?
    Another bear pooping slimes lol.
    Relish the thought of using that on my sticky pistons.
    (I am basing this from the official update site that has no mention on what the fox's functionality is)

    The combat mechanic update is fine. I do not know how they can screw anything more on that side maybe the future holds better.

    Emphasize the word "for ages". Do not plan to wait around to get that sweet experience.

    Any documentation I could look into? And easier to use for who?
    The code is still obfuscated.

    My bad I was talking about the lighting system where chunk light updates does not lag on redstones and have great overall effect especially on forest biomes.

    Ok my bad again CraftBukkit, got it mixed. Yes I do recognize the work of md_5 and his team. But the pre release builds are only recommended for plugin development use.

    For the communities sake I hope mojang releases an update which the dev community can sink their teeth into like
    - text interface other than an anvil
    - support for custom mobs without breaking the vanilla mob textures, (I would settle for this and not push for support to custom #obj's)

    Admit it or not the dev community is one of the games main supporters.

    Man this got me triggered lol. I do not even get whats the point in this comment.
    Can you please elaborate to the point where my lowly intellect can grasp the whole meaning of your comment? And please send reference documentations if you can.

    Yeah as you have already learned that this is common knowledge in the spigot community and again that minidigger already pointed that fact on his response post.

    Hmmm then you are as hollow as can be. I do not recall using the word "fact" in my previous post. Nor did I state a "fact" about a topic followed by the "common sense" words.

    Uhhhm yeahhh thats why my previous post states that spigotmc.org's team can not release any build that has not been yet officially released by Mojang.

    I am ok with constructive criticism and are willing to accept productive input but this is just basic stupidity.

    This basically summed up what you did :ROFLMAO:
    "Yeah I am going to point out that persons mistakes by using another persons criticism about that same persons post"

    Its like an echo but garbled.

    I have been confiding some of my issues personally with a lot of coders in this community including minidigger so I know that mostly what he states is acceptable.

    Now to the point of my previous post:
    I was just expressing my disappointment on some of the upcoming features that the next update mojang will release.

    And dont worry I am used to people being rude just out of fun and not reading the whole content of a post and not getting the whole idea of the post and basing their replies on single sentences. Its the internet.
  12. MiniDigger


    or just read the minecraft wiki https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/1.14
    cool, you don't have to. see ya o/
    you know, mcp is a thing, you can easily read all the code. an no, no documentation for the vanilla server, you gotta look into stuff yourself. the world gen rewrite in particular is a thing where you can easily see that the code is now much more structured and way easier to use. another big thing is the final removal of magic ids, in what mojang called the flattening. it makes developers live so much easier can the code way more extendable.
    not sure what you mean with a text interface, there are many ways to acquire text input from a player already, chat, books, anvil etc.
    about custom mobs, they are coming, don't worry, but first there is a big more cleanup needed.
    and don't you worry about mojang forgetting the dev community. don't forget that like half of the java team actually comes out of the modding community and they are still in contact with many community members.
    well, md could release those builds, but he chooses not so since he doesn't deem them "stable" and doesn't want to deal with stupid ppl running them on production servers and then come back crying after their world corrupted.
  13. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    There is no need for this line of discussion to go further.
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  14. Thanks

    Let me rephrase my words, I do not plan to wait for the pvp mechanics to be revamp and new features to be implemented at any time soon.
    I did not state that I would leave.
    Then I have got to research more about MCP and its process so I can dig deeper into the code.

    Ok let me add more info. I hope mojang add a TEXT GUI INPUT MENU that devs can properly use to get a players input that the api supports fully like menu title editing and inventory manipulation without the need for external plugin api's. This would be totally useful on mmorpg servers.

    Well I hope your right on Mojang no forgetting the devs.

    I already pointed this out in my previous posts. And yeah I agree on the "people running the server on pre release builds" part of your reply.

    @md_5 I am cool man @MiniDigger was just providing me with some information and was exchanging opinions.

    Thanks @MiniDigger for an informative conversation
  15. When will 1.14 api be ready to prepare our plugins ? The same like with 1.13-pre7.
  16. I can't officially answer this, since Im not on the SpigotMC team, but based on the fact that mojang keeps adding new things to the snapshots each week, it would be hard to release an API that will be forever changing each week.
  17. What on earth is happening with the fox's eyes.
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  18. Nope, we quickly just made it up to create this thread and trick everyone ;)

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