Spigot Community Server (1.15)

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  1. MiniDigger


    mostly nothing on server side is my guess.
  2. That sounds very disappointing to say the least.
  3. minecraft7net


    Thank you @md_5 for your wonderful unbelievable and titanic work on the project.
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  4. Thanks a bunch, fast as always md_5!
  5. Well, I tried to be optimistic but all I seem to hear is that it's going to be a piece of shit release again then for server owners. Bummer.
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  6. I don't see a significant change to rendering chunks so yes
  7. I'm excited for the release, great work MD!!
    Not excited for my players to start crying of their need for honey though.
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  8. Any reason why we're doing teamspeak and not Discord?
  9. SteelPhoenix


    From Phoenix616 & MD_5 on the topic of Discord vs IRC. Most points also work for Discord vs TS3:

    I would think that the main issue with Discord is the limitation regarding moderation tools caused by not being able to host your own servers. (at least from my view point as a non IRC-Staff but active user) You basically have to trust Discord as a company that they properly prevent spam and alt-accounts. (and that they handle the data properly, you also have to consider that adding a bridge would mean sending all chat from the IRC network to a private, US-based company - something you wouldn't instantly expect when connecting to an IRC network hosted by Spigot)

    There is also the need to have moderators that are actually active on the discord so that you can handle issues over there, especially when you go into the territory of allowing voice chat.

    Another issue that would need to be solved is integration: Most bridge bots send messages under a separate IRC user and include the username in the message itself which ends up being quite ugly, so I would be against this unless Discord users are just treated as normal IRC users (including PMs?).

    On a slightly unrelated note: Matrix is a decentralised IM and VOIP protocol that aims to integrate with all available chat and voice solutions under one account so you only need one client (Riot is one of the best ones) to chat on multiple services, including IRC and Discord (if your Matrix server supports it)

    IRC satisfies our needs in terms of providing a communication platform for support, staff, and development; and it is a platform that we can depend on & maintain ourselves.
    We have no plans to switch to Discord or fragment between the two.
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  10. MiniDigger


    Rendering chunks is client side?
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  11. I'd like to say most of these are false. Moderation tools are very strong on Discord. Much stronger than TS3.
    The only thing is "self hosted" that you gain, but thats just a cost. Every Community I am a part of has Discord, I can see the reason for the fight, I just see it as staying on Lycos or yahoo when everyone is on Google.

    Thanks for posting the Matrix IM thingy, Ill look into it.
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  12. Well, it actually isn't. You can compare paper 1.12/1.13 and spigot 1.12/1.13 and see a significant chunk load improvements on paper. The client makes them render, but the rendering is being done serverside.
  13. MiniDigger


    No they are not rendered on the server.
    You are confusing chunk generation and chunk loading with chunk rendering.
    Chunk rendering has been tweaked heavily while chunk loading appears to be unchanged.
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  14. Legoman99573


    time to see what breaking bugs occur. gonna hop on later
  15. You might want to check the spawn location. I spawned inside something and would have died if I didn't do /gm 1 quickly.
  16. Your data is saved from the last server (ie: 1.14) so you probably spawned at your last location when you left the server.
    When I first spawned in I was in the middle of some weird forest (presumably where I logged out when I was on the 1.14 pre server earlier this year)
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  17. That would explain it. Nice that I'm already a Tester.
  18. Really, as far as i'm aware the *only* things you can't do is edit someone's message and client side messages (excluding PMs), but yea you can easily make a pretty powerful moderation bot
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  19. What about a discord server or is there one?
  20. Did you not read at all?
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