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  1. MD-5 are we going to have a similar command to update our 1.14 maps like before with - forceupdate ? or would it be better to just create a new world for the new items to spawn. ?
  2. Nothing changed with the world format I guess, so there is no need to upgrade 1.13.x/1.14.x worlds to 1.15.x. From my understanding this forceupgrade flag is only needed when coming from pre 1.13.x.
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    And just fyi, forceupgrade was added by mojang, not spigot.
  4. Has anyone tested performance with dozens of villagers?
  5. Villagers weren't the problem. The Pillagers struggled a lot.
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  6. Raids are turned off on my server (only patrols can spawn). But when somebody has several tens of villagers then TPS go down.
  7. @md_5 any informations about the API changes ?
  8. According to this post there is a new file format, though most worlds will not be affected. It would replace Spigot/Paper's implementation for large chunks. Depends if Spigot will use its existing implementation, or use the new file format.
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  9. RIP The Server. 2019-2019.
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  10. md_5 is probably updating it, and/or fixing something in Spigot
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  11. It was lagging pretty bad when it went down. But maybe.
  12. Haxors! DDOS! Run! :cool:
  13. Dude this server is full of hackers
  14. White hat though?? :D
  15. Good job md_5 :)
  16. No I missed that sorry, no need to be rude.
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  17. Is the new shipped mojang source mapping used in anyway? I know we still need to decompile it, but having clearname method names would be helpful...
  18. :D Awesome! I am downloading 1.15-pre4 now to join!
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    They can only used for reference because of their licence. We cant replace spigots mappings with mojang mapping because of that.
    Ppl like lex and cpw requested feedback on that from mojang/mircosoft legal with no response, so I doubt they will fix the licence any time soon.
  20. Or there is the possibility to update our mappings faster under the condition that this was a problem before.

    Our mappings -> obfuscated class/field names. 1.14
    1.14 obf. -> Mojang mappings.
    Our mappings <-> Mojang mappings <-> 1.15 obf.

    So that we only have a class/method mapping to the Mojang mappings.
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