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  1. I don't understand why mojang obfuscates NMS at first place. They wanna test the direct NMS modders if they can figure out what's what or they wanna break existing 1.x.y mods to not work on 1.a.b ???
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    file size. proguard hugely decreases file size on such a big project.
  3. and legal reasons, probably
  4. there's a way to decrease the jar size without obfuscating it in proguard.
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    for example?
  6. For who don't know: Mojang added the hand animations in this version and it looks so cool. While I'm trying to drop an item I now can always see the hand animation. In f5 mode, too.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. They are so f ugly. I will have to write mod to disable them.
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  9. Looking forward! I hope the server performance will be back to normal.
  10. online-mode=false, please.
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  11. Will not happen. Buy Minecraft of leave our community.
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  12. When I put those 'listed' plugins into a 1.14.4 server Logblock disables itself without an explanation other than a previous error of
    Code (Text):
    [02:31:00] [Server thread/INFO]: [LogBlock] Loading LogBlock v1.12-SNAPSHOT (build #282)
    [02:31:00] [Server thread/ERROR]: [LogBlock] Error while loading: Not a valid material: '0'
    When I apply api-version: 1.13 or 1.14 to the plugin.yml Logblock fails with an ERROR
    Code (Text):
    Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot get ID of Modern Material
    Although, now Logblock is not disabled.

    But, this raises questions upon the security of Logblock. I need to do further tests
  13. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Assuming you're talking about the repo? You need the configs too
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  14. I had included the repo configs as well.
    It may be an MC version difference between 1.14.4 and the 1.15-pre-x

    I got #86 from Jenkins (LogBlock v1.14.1-SNAPSHOT (build #86)) and it seems to be working on MC 1.14.4
    So, just a heads-up to check that Logblock is not disabled on the Community Server.
  15. Hello, just want to apologize for possible errors in the text. English is not my native language.Could you open the server to pirate clients? online-mode=false
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    No. Buy the game.
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  17. Are there any chances to make the buildtools work with Java.13?
    Currently it downloads a portable git Version 2.15 (even if we have 2.40 allready)
    and after it it breaks up with telling that java.dll is not found. to make it work aggain i need to instal the JRE8...
    Java 13 only comes in the JDK-Version.

    Mincecraft itself allready is runnuing fine with Java 13 installed.

    Code (Text):
    Starting download of https://launcher.mojang.com/v1/objects/3dc3d84a581f14691199cf6831b71ed1296a9fdf/server.jar
    Downloaded file: work\minecraft_server.1.14.4.jar with hash: ec3c704819a0508e3991cb896d6e02ee
    Final mapped jar: work\mapped.93a89a75.jar does not exist, creating (please wait)!
    Error: opening registry key 'Software\JavaSoft\JRE'
    Error: could not find java.dll
    Error: Could not find Java SE Runtime Environment.
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: Error running command, return status !=0: [cmd.exe, /C, java, -jar, BuildData/bin/SpecialSource-2.jar, map, --only, ., --only, net/minecraft, --auto-lvt, BASIC, --auto-member, SYNTHETIC, -e, BuildData/mappings/bukkit-1.14.4.exclude, -i, work\minecraft_server.1.14.4.jar, -m, BuildData/mappings/bukkit-1.14.4-cl.csrg, -o, work\mapped.93a89a75.jar-cl]
        at org.spigotmc.builder.Builder.runProcess0(Builder.java:771)
        at org.spigotmc.builder.Builder.runProcess(Builder.java:706)
        at org.spigotmc.builder.Builder.main(Builder.java:402)
        at org.spigotmc.builder.Bootstrap.main(Bootstrap.java:40)
  18. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    It does, see recent changes several months back https://hub.spigotmc.org/jenkins/job/BuildTools/changes

    Your java install is broken
  19. Damn, already Java 13 and we're still on Java 8 (yet Oracle forces us to use a login thing) for older Java versions :/
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  20. MiniDigger


    Dont use the oracle licenced java unless you pay for it. Use openjdk. To easily obtain openjdk builds use adoptopenjdk.
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