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  1. I've been using Oracle for years and I don't know openjdk if its reliable. Might try it someday
  2. Considering OpenJDK itself is backed by Oracle, about as reliable as Oracle Java SE. Assuming you use the HotSpot VM, differences should be negligible. You can also get a copy of RedHat's OpenJDK builds if you prefer.
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    oraclejdk = openjdk + custom licence. there is no code difference. oracle fully open source every single bit, including their flight recorder or the zgc.
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  4. Thanks for your inputs guys^^ On my next install I'll check OpenJDK next time :) Much appreciated
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  6. god deym I was so hyped I did not look into it nor read it :ROFLMAO:
    I went straight ahead with the bug fixes and saw chunk optimizations
    then got excited.
    Charge to experience then.
    My bad. Well lets hope for the best tomorrow
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  8. Yes I know as they would have included that in the official blog post if that were the case.
    Still I am interested on what they are trying/testing to improve the combat mechanics
    as this has been a long standing issue since the 1.8 - 1.9 rift.
  9. Even if you add exactly the same stuff from 1.8 combat into 1.15, the 1.8 pvp players will still complain. So who cares.
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    There are multiple threads about that here and multiple Reddit discussions, let's not derail the thread.
  11. I am running a vanilla java executable and someone on my server has about 100+ villagers (and iron golems) in a 5 x 5 chunk section and even when there are 10+ players on, there is no lag. So... I'm guessing this bug is fixed.
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  12. Java SE Development Kit 13.0.1
    i have tried this now about 5 times with the same result..

    1. completly uninstalled Java
    2. installed the Java from the page
    3. run buildtools with
    Code (Text):
    "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-13.0.1\bin\java" -jar BuildTools.jar --rev latest
    Code (Text):
    java -jar BuildTools.jar --rev latest
    does not work.
    resrult -- see the erroe message abouve..

    so how the install can be broken? :3
    by the way..i have not used the GItBash on Windows anymore since since buildtools downloads and uses a portable version if Git is not installed.

    so have you any idea how i could fix the "boken install"?

    This is what latestet Buildtools patchlog on the site is telling..

    Code (Text):
    #103 (18.09.2019 10:07:07)
    SPIGOT-5331: Add support for Java 13 — md_5 (md_5) / detail
    ...so for just Java 13.0.0 and not the 13.0.1?....
  13. JDK 13 has been available since Sept 17 2019.

    BUT, I can't understand WHY? you would need this for something which is basicaly a Java 8 resource?

    Just use an older Java Build option from your Java JDK.

    Jeeze, Minecraft is still being shipped with Java 8.

    From what I have read, updates to versions above Java 8 are mainly for HTTP convenience.
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    You didn't post an error message :/
    I bet you didn't set your env vars (java home and path) properly.
    Also, sidenote, don't use oracles java se unless you pay for it. It's not a free product!
    Use openjdk, adoptopenjdk provides easy to use builds. This is the same source code, oracle just slaps a different licence on openjdk so that they can sell support.
    Java 13 brings many new language features and performance increasement. I would recommend anyone to upgrade at least to java 11 to make use of that.
    This problem isn't related to the java version in any way.
  15. As I have eddited my last reply, these features are limited.
    That has yet to be proven in practice for our implimentation.

    I am sort of sorry, but newer does not always mean better.
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    Thanks, thats enough about Java versions now
  17. Yeah, apologies for my replies to OFFTOPIC posts, this thread is supposed to be about the Community server Testing.