Spigot Community Server (1.15)

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  1. Let's see when Mojang releases 1.15 today. EOB or earlier?
  2. A 4 year old version of Java 8. It's from 2015.
  3. Its not a free product? but you can download the JDK 13 SE for free official from java. So why you should pay money if they offer it for free?

    well i may do not understand why you should pay private for a license if the prodect self is given free. Noone in this world would handle here, maybe you need a licene if your a firm. but there never is and was an advert or anything like "buy the license now to use th product.
    you download it from the official java site, install it, done...
    So maybe im a bit confused of this..why you just should use the openjdk


    see? the text sais Its AT NO COST for development use and personal use.
  4. MiniDigger


    4pm utc, 8am pst
    Free as in libre. Not free as in gratis.
    Usage of Oracle java is free for some purposes, but as soon as you enter a production environment oracle expects you to pay.
    Just don't use it and use the actually freely licenced version, openjdk.
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  5. 1.15 is out but cannot find any server jars for 1.15
    If someone finds it, please link here.
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  6. Choco


    Dude the update came out 15 minutes ago. Do you really think Spigot has modded servers available at this very moment?
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  7. MiniDigger


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  8. You should wait, it usually takes some days for spigot release.
  9. andrewkm

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    @MiniDigger back me up man.

    PS: Love you guys <3
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  10. MiniDigger


    hes right, hypixel already has updated to they must have a secret build!
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  11. Viaversion or own "Viaversion". So it's more of an "Update" than an Update.

    EDIT: Hypixel is using a glorified 1.8.8 with custom/own ViaVersion build no need to get excited
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  12. MiniDigger


    nonono, they have to have a spigot build! they updated before via was released!!!!!
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  13. Actually, viaversion just updated to 1.15 several minutes ago so yeah hypixel must have their own sort of viaversion
  14. Should I wait for a performance improvement in 1.15? In 1.14.4 I have about 10 tps with 30 players and pregenerated map
  15. Cant wait to upgrade my server from 1.14.4 !
  16. You don't really have the choice xD That's just a useless message :x
  17. Not every server will update. There's still servers on 1.10, 1.11, etc.
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  18. lol 1.10, 1.11, .. they might as well have stayed on 1.8
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