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  1. Did you need to make any changes to GriefPrevention to get it to work?
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  3. uff how to do that?.... im not confirmal with that. I know how to click left and right but this may is a bit to much without a description - how to do in windows10 - :-( sorry
  4. Just use AdoptOpenJDK when you install OpenJDK. It will do these things for you
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  5. Thank you. Using the AdoptOpenJDk from your Link solved my problem. I deleted the JDK 13.0.1 now because it looks like the error is just in this version - with the AdoptOpenJDK it works fine!
    Thanks for pointing this out to me :) So i learned something new today <3
  6. the force upgrade always comes 16.12 20:50:57 [Server] pool-11-thread-10 / WARN Unable to resolve BlockEntity for ItemStack: minecraft: air knows what he wants ??
  7. Yyayy nice to see that !
    1.15.1 as just released, i hope there will be a fix of spigot very very soon !
  8. Coolio will join in the futur!
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