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  1. "fixes stability issues with Realms."
  2. o.k yesterday 2 min after the 1.16 release asked when the 1.16.1 will be released ... strange that it was a day later ... now I ask when is the 1.16.2 ?? ^^ Well, as long as it is about stability in realms, such an update is important ... that the stability and performance of the java version has been garbage since 1.13 .... does not bother him ... but understandably so they earn yes money only once and not for every little thing like Realms ...
  3. I mean, they're slowly re-writing parts of minecraft though? If they re-wrote java edition completely from scratch not only would it take a while but it would most likely break compatibility with everything
  4. I really hope that they continue to work in the background. But I didn't really see much in the logs which improved the performance in 1.16. fact is unfortunately ... since 1.13 the server goes to its knees when a certain number of users is reached ... no matter how good the server is. Then what use are all the great items and new mobs. I miss the times before 1.13 when there were over 100 users on the server and the server didn't even twitch. Does anyone know how the 1.16 performance is? has something improved there?
  5. Mojang has made some performance improvements, around pathfinding and various other things.
    Mojang has also made changes in order to reduce garbage creation in minecraft, which has contributed a lot to it's lag since 1.13.2.

    There is a great optimization guide here on spigot https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/guide-server-optimization‚ö°.283181/ that goes into detail on what some of the settings do and how they can improve your performance.

    And lastly, Paper has been constantly adding performance improvements, you wont find support for paper here on spigotmc, but it's definately improved in many scenarios since the release of 1.13.2

    At the end of the day, with 1.16, if you optimize your settings for your server's needs, limit view distance and entity activation, pre-generate your maps and diagnose performance issues, you can have quite a lot of players on your server.

    And if all else fails, there's BungeeCord.
  6. I am glad to see they were able to patch their issues up with realms, it was worth releasing 1.16.1 for.
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  7. noticed it just did tick over to 116, so tried to run buildtools with --rev latest but it still seems to just build 1.15.2.. is this just because it's early and it needs some time to process or am I doing something wrong? first time running a server and pretty hyped for 1.16 xD
  8. 1.16 won't be the latest version until Spigot 1.16 is stable. But I just tried using the commands for --rev 1.16 and --rev 1.16.1 and neither of them work, though perhaps this means it will be ready really soon.
  9. Check here : https://hub.spigotmc.org/versions/ ;)
  10. I guess you can set a search alert for 1.16 in the browser and auto update the page https://hub.spigotmc.org/versions/
  11. How to make it so players can't harm monsters
  12. Nice Job. I am on the way! :D