Spigot Community Server (1.16)

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. Will --forceUpgrade work?
  2. To update to 1.16 atm NO
  3. It's 12:30 AM Wednesday in Australia, so I guess we have to wait. (Not complaining.)
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  4. I am pretty sure if you are 1.12 you can just upgrade to 1.16..
    but without forceUpgrade does that mean you have to go to 1.13 first then forceupgrade to 1.15, then upgrade to 1.16? ..
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  5. Him.
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  6. Complete nonsense of course.
    Floris is a typical male name in the Netherlands.
    The pfp ..
    I have mister in front of my name.
    And my spigot profile has gender set to male.

    Ignorance or lack of reading, is what's going on. It has nothing to do with being politically correct.

    Can we get back on topic again?
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  7. Im hyped
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  8. Spigot community - ARE. YOU. READY?!?!!!
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  9. But there isnt spigot 1.16 and you cant force update
  10. You have to wait for something. md_5 is good but not a magician. The users on my server are annoying like little children. They have no idea what an update is .. they think you just flip a switch and you automatically have the latest version on the server !!!

    If it is there it is there ..... but if everyone asks every x minutes how to get the update, it won't go any faster.

    It's like in a car when the kids ask: are we there already ...
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  12. I have found that a lot of players are asking to connect with a 1.16 client, which Viaversion now supports but the Bungeecord does not support it yet. I have to keep telling the players to wait; no its not a magic switch and it is ready when it is ready.

    Yes, I'm all aboard the #hypetrain, but also I live in a reality where things take time.
  13. Choco


    The excited jittering gave me a chuckle.
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  14. are we there yet
  15. Ecitement is unbearable!
  16. I do expect plugin breakage, especially color related to support RGB colors... Time will tell us wwhen its released x)