Spigot Community Server (1.16)

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  2. You could just use ViaVersion on your BungeeCord as well to support this ^^ Works fine for me
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  3. Ah ok well a bungeecord plugin I use broke with #1502 (Marriage Master). Reported to the dev and it'll be fixed sooner :)
  4. Pardon me, I'm not sure I'm using the right nomenclature but are you guys guessing (because we can't know until it is released) this update is a huge overhaul? Meaning do you think this will require major updates for most plugins to be compatible for 1.16? Just asking if you all have any speculations as to what may be the case.

    Cheers m8s!
  5. We won't know a single thing until md_5 releases Bukkit/CB/Spigot, since he keeps it closed source/private until he feels its ready.
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  6. Puremin0rez


    Every possible effort is being made to keep things API compatible, as usual.

    Plugins relying on the internals of the game will probably break and need to be updated, as usual.

    Either way, nothing will require "major" changes I imagine.
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  7. It will only effect bungee plugins
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  8. i speak authoritatively on all subjects, and when lacking evidence and/or substance (most all the time) I just increase the volume.

    here's a FACT: nothing, literally nothing, will ever be as bad as the 1.13 upgrade.
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  9. You know that bungee's chat api is compiled in spigot? He was refering to it.
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  10. X version of minecraft steps in: Challenge Accepted

    dont say that xD LOL
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  11. 1.14 was waaaaay worse. mojang's fault of course
  12. What about 1.8? It caused the entire Bukkit team to quit, and Spigot didn't release 1.8 for almost 3 months.
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  13. wasnt that because people found out some conspiracy about bukkit to mojang we didnt know. Also wasnt that when the dmca happened? (sept 3, 2014 was the dmca) .. sept 2,2014 was when 1.8 came out xD
  14. Yes, kinda. He's probably joking. But as long as it goes on the costs of 1.8 users I'm fine with that. :D
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  15. Yes. Then dinnerbone updated bukkit to 1.8
  16. No. The Bukkit team quit on August 21, 2014, because the changes in 1.8 were too much for them. Everything else happened after that: "With large and significant changes coming in Minecraft 1.8 that we'll be hard pressed to provide support for... there is little motivation for us to continue limping on across various aspects of the project."

    In fairness to Spigot, it was about 7 weeks of work to get up and running with the Bukkit project and 1.8. Although it was almost 3 months after Mojang's release of 1.8.
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  17. MiniDigger


    It's more like they didn't feel like working for free anymore after they found out bukkit was owned by mojang.
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  18. Again, wrong. They quit before that news came out.
  19. Already released 1.16.1. Haha, classic.
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