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  1. This was now fixed with 1.12 pre 2 :)
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  2. It looks like the Spigot server was briefly at 1.12-pre2, then rolled back to 17w18b. The Authentication Servers are back up, so I'm logged in on the community server for a bit.

    Ooops... I just got kicked with a broadcast message:
    [23:48:17] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] [Broadcast] updating to 1.12-pre2

    We'll see what shakes out of this. It *is* a test server, after all. :)
  3. minecraft7net


    yessss 1.12 pre :)

    and its with bungeecord :)
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    When you think you can pass border control illegally

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  6. @md_5 Will you be dropping us the 1.12 API ahead of times so we can begin to upgrade our plugins accordingly ahead of time?
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  7. MiniDigger


    I would assume so, since thats how it went last time.
  8. Don't forget, https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/spigot-1-12-plugin-compatibility-list/ is live and the community server is already using some plugins for 1.12. While you can get the list off the server, I'm not clear on policy to make that list "Official 1.12" until "MC Official 1.12" is actually released AND Spigot 1.12. But the 1.11 compatibility list has been a huge help to me. I'd really like to see the updated plugins list keep moving forward.
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  11. smmmadden


    Totally agree with that statement! I spent a considerable amount of time trying to keep up with all the updates for 1.12 folks have been making for the pre-release of 1.12. Very impressive that their ahead of the game (pun intended) for the upcoming release. I also noticed that the BungeeCord Server v1233 is also supporting 1.12.

    Previously, I had to chase down all the owners to see when they were doing the updates and this time, everyone is eagerly publishing their updates quicker than previous builds. Not sure what the motivation is, but perhaps keeping these lists (1.11.2 & 1.12) updated is helping with their download counts, so it is a great advertising option for them with very high visibility. :)
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  12. Awsome and grate work
  13. I'm not clear if this is Vanilla or Spigot, but if someone is willing to help tease this out it would help.

    At first we had https://hub.spigotmc.org/jira/browse/SPIGOT-3242 and this is corrected by git-Spigot-1ffab67-240f16d. I'm currently 2 versions behind, I'll update after I finish this post. We seem to be getting "1.9" amounts of skeletal traps, where every time we turn around we seem to be stumbling on the things. I also notice they all seem to have only 7 points of armor rather than the "significantly more" I would expect based on my "too many &#$%* skeletal horses" experience.

    I don't recall this problem in Snapshot or in the prior versions of Spigot-1.12-pre2 we are using. Is this really in Vanilla and I only notice it now because of the Spigot fix? Or is it a Spigot bug after the "short rain" bug fixed above?
  14. Would be nice if we can have a world download of the server, things we did (testing stuff or builds haha). Maybe not, idk was just askin if its possible @md_5
  15. Gaxan


    Don't be shy, you can contribute to the wiki page also.
  16. Two problems with a world download of the currently active community server:

    1) It CONSTANTLY changes, and maintaining a backup copy for downloading on demand would be an extra issue to have to deal with. Not much of a problem using crontab or some such, but even the most simple tasks can be a distraction in the long term.

    2) Bandwidth. LOTS of bandwidth. Bandwidth may be "cheap", but it isn't free, and a bunch of people fetching a copy of that backup within a close timeframe would not only be a distraction, it could be an expensive distraction.

    I'd much rather md_5 and his team put the money elsewhere and set distractions aside.

    @Gaxan- "Don't be shy, you can contribute to the wiki page also."
    I plan to do so when I have something specific to contribute that isn't already there. I will likely submit the ClientPermissions plugin and Villager Marker when LiteLoader for 1.12 is released and I have the means to verify those two plugins work as expected. ClientPermissions allow the server to control LiteLoader plugins that offer server-side control options, such as VoxelMap. In VoxelMap's case, it could be configured to allow players to use VoxelMap, but not underground and no mob "radar", as a case among many possible permission changes.

    VillagerMarker was used by TangoTek in his video which requires the LiteLoader client AND the Spigot plugin on the server if used on a server. I have a huge interest in both of those plugins, so that will be my contribution. Though I wouldn't mind at all if someone else posted that they work. At least I'd know someone else that isn't me cares about those. :)
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  17. They do use Linode, so they got a few TBs of transfer each month, but what they could do is compress the world and push it to spigotmc, since they use Cloudflare, I'm sure bandwidth isn't a issue unless they start billing you for bandwidth too.

    Just wondering, but why is the Spigot server behind a bungeecord proxy anyway?
  18. MiniDigger


    to test the newest bungee versions ;)
    there also can be spigot bugs caused by bungee that need to be tested.
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