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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Apr 25, 2017.

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  1. Pretty nice to see spigot on the newest build :D #1.12Hype
  2. MiniDigger


    There are many third party plugins so that we can test them and see if they break (while also testing the api of spigot)
    as an example, md5 needed to remove herochat as that's not compatible with 1.12
  3. WAS


    What I mean by pressure is a plugin forcing you to do X. Register. Do this to do that. All the annoying gimmicks of bad networks. Haha I tried to join a server recently I read through desc and all that. Seemed cool. Join, and was literally harassed (could even go as far as assaulted visually) by the chat systems automatic events lol
  4. floory565


    IGN: floory565
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  5. WAS


    I still always read "Internet Game Network: (your name)" lol years of use cannot be undone.
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  6. Legoman99573


  7. WAS


  8. IGN: Chazmondo

    I'll join later :)
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  9. Nice! Thanks for 1.12 SnapShot server.
    But server is offline ?
  10. IGN: 112madGamer

    Joined can't wait to play with the new blocks
  11. IGN: Arvindir

    Will see you guys online then :)
  12. I'm still loving 1.8.8 ;)
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  13. If anyone hasn't been promoted I will do it when I'm home
  14. Thanks for test server.
  15. Awesome :) my name is Veao_
  16. WizardPulse


    IGN: WizardPulse

    Looking forward to being on the server with everyone :)
  17. How does someone with 500 > posts get this permission? :p

    IGN: PvPdog
  18. I have admin - its done.
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  19. They are manually added with the perm, not automated like (I think) you were thinking. =P
  20. Still loving 1.7.10
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