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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, Apr 25, 2017.

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  1. You can't. According to an admin, it's buggy or something. ;-;
  2. IGN: IroN1CK or N1CK1238 (as of typing, IGN is IroN1CK; changing to N1CK1238 very soon)
  3. Yas! I am glad Spigot is updating to the newest Minecraft version (as always)!
    IGN: TreyRuffy :D
  4. To get to the plot world do /mv tp plots then /p2 auto
  5. 2008Choco

    Junior Mod

    Promoted the both of you :)
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  6. Thanks!
  7. EliteDuck


    Could I get a promotion? My IGN is Papa_Franku_
  8. I'd appreciate it if I could be promoted. My username is MegaNarwhal_.
  9. Legoman99573


    And the flaming has started already
  10. You mean

  11. Yeah testing stuffs :D (I'll be on the UrielBG account not to mess my main minecraft settings, running UrielBG on a usb stick MC)

    EDIT: @nicecube you wanna try this snapshot :D
  12. [​IMG]
    All data is being used from the 1.11 snapshots (Of the ranks) or someone promoted you already
    Someone promoted you already too
  13. There is a sign at spawn that says:
    Code (Text):
    Just click that to get to creative plots.
  14. Or /mv tp plots & /p2 auto
  15. Sounds great md_5! Great job to everyone who made this possible! I'll be sure to check it out ASAP this weekend when I get a chance!

    Is there a page where we can view the plugin list for this place? :)

    Sounds like PlotSquared is the plot plugin, PEX is the perms plugin, and we've got some Essentials stuff too, but that's about all I can see from this discussion.
  16. 2008Choco

    Junior Mod

    Plugin list and configuration can be found on GitHub, and /plugins (or /pl) is available to all players on the server as well
  17. Literally run /plugins. There's nothing special.
    Edit: Ninja'd
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  18. Aight thanks. I don't mean that there's anything special, I'm just curious to see which plugins seem to work so I can get an idea of which things work together when I upgrade to 1.12.

    Multiverse-Core, AutoMessage, Vault, and WorldGuard are plugins I use the most, so it's good to see they're working.
  19. Certain aspects of the plugin may break, but it seems like 1.12 shouldn't break heaps.
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