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    I'm not super certain but I think its

  2. entity-tracking-range-players: 48
    entity-tracking-range-animals: 16
    entity-tracking-range-monsters: 48
    entity-tracking-range-misc: 16
    entity-tracking-range-max: 48

    It would be nice to know the default vanilla values for these.
    I set range max and player tracking to 160 now, because I like high view range.
    However, it would be nice to know if performance is now more bad than vanilla.
  3. "modifying this will RAISE the vanilla speed and the underlying issue will still be there."
    So even if I decrease or increase the x-growth-modifier it will raise the vanilla speed anyway?
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  4. Is there anything to adjust the time after that the server stops if it isn't responding? I'd like to set this to about a minute because otherwise the server sometimes just stops saying "Isn't responding anymore" when my Backup plugin compresses the main world.

    Also how do I add a custom command for the restart script? My script is in /home/mcserver/minecraftbukkit/ and it's called start.sh, so the server should do "bash start.sh start". This doesn't work. I put the correct path in the bukkit.yml. Does someone know the default command from spigot, so that I maybe could adjust the script?

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    I believe "timeout-time" is what configures that.

    I appear to have missed that config option in my guide, sorry about that - I was under the impression that the setting came from Craftbukkit but I guess I was wrong!
  6. Ah okay thanks!

    Now the problem is just the restart-script.
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