Spigot Configuration (spigot.yml)

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  1. You can actually disable the end:

    Go to your bukkit.yml file located in your server files, you'll see something like this:
    Code (Text):

     allow-end: false
    Make it false
    If you have Multiverse, be sure you disable it from their too:
    /mv remove world_the_end
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  2. :OO THANKS YOU i saw in spigot.yml but no in bukkit.yml LoL (i love you XD)
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    Perhaps it's not out of the question to have this moved to the spigot.yml file since that's where most people look anyways? Guess it would depend on if plugins have the ability to check whether or not the End is enabled or disabled in order to function.
  4. Could you elaborate a bit? Saying "It doesn't work" makes it impossible to help you.
  5. i installed my ONLY for Tests X-Ray and i can still see the ores. :/

    and the are all real, so i can break them and get Diamonds
  6. Change mode from 1 to 2.
  7. THANKS so much! :D
  8. Thank you for this. Its helpful in explaining
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  9. The example for the Per-world settings is not available anymore / leads to a blank paste.
    Please fix.

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    Removed example link.
  11. Does player-shuffle affect server performance if used?
  12. Fixed the listed default for seed-feature. It's 14357617, not 1.
  13. nice guide very helpfull thanks
  14. need to update for moved-too-quickly-multiplier it seems. moved-too-quickly-multiplier: 10.0
  15. Where does one find "spigot.yml"? I think I might be doing something wrong...
  16. server folder.... same place where the world files are at