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    Spigot Configuration

    The following guide is for builds older than #938 in which still use the bukkit.yml file
    For builds #938 and onwards, please see the new configuration guide by clicking here.​

    Spigot Configuration
    Main, ungrouped settings
    Default: false
    Type: Boolean
    Description: If enabled, this checks all player IPs against the SpamHaus database (xbl.spamhaus.org) on login. This setting may potentially block many legitimate players, so toggle this with caution.

    Default: You are not white-listed on this server!
    Type: String
    Description: When whitelist mode is enabled, this is the message that will be displayed to all un-whitelisted users upon connection.

    Default: true
    Type: Boolean
    Description: Controls whether or not a player should be allowed to press the TAB key to auto-complete commands. If enabled, this may pose somewhat of a security risk, as a player will be able to view all registered commands when typing in / and then pressing TAB.

    Default: /skill
    Type: List
    Description: Excludes commands listed from the vanilla spam check. This is probably not necessary for most plugins.

    Default: false
    Type: Boolean
    Description: Controls the automatic updating of ping bars in the tab list. When disabled, the "ping bars" will only update when a player logs in. When enabled, "ping bars" will update automatically, but may cause packet spam on larger servers which can adversely affect your server machine (however, this may not be an issue for you as Spigot uses a much more efficient ping update method, based on BungeeCord's implementation).

    Default: false
    Type: Boolean
    Description: Controls whether or not the server will automatically attempt to restart your server when a crash occurs. May not work in some cases. This only measures hangs in server ticks, and will not detect connection issues or such.
    For true crash detection that determines whether your server is reachable, a wrapper (e.g. mark2, MCMyAdmin, RemoteToolkit) that supports server list ping is recommended.
    If your server wrapper has crash detection support, it is recommend to disable this feature - it can result in neither form of crash detection working properly.

    Default: /path/to/server/start.sh
    Type: String
    Description: The location for your server's startup script. This path will be used for the /restart command and for the restart-on-crash option. You will need to adjust this to your servers startup script path (unless you really do have a /path/to/server/start.sh path).
    This feature will not work for most server wrappers (e.g. mark2, MCMyAdmin, RemoteToolkit), therefore it is use your wrapper's restart function instead.

    snapshot-protocol (removed)
    Default: false
    Type: String
    Description: Allows your server to support the (usually) latest snapshot protocol so users running that snapshot version can connect to the server. When enabled, it will deny the normal client for your server version from connecting.

    Type: List
    Description: All BungeeCord IPs in the list will never be seen by a plugin. Instead, it will allow the player's actual IP to pass-through. This option is void unless using BungeeCord.

    Default: 16
    Type: Integer
    Description: The size of the texture pack the server is sending to the client. This option is void if you are not using a server-side texture pack via server.properties.

    Default: true
    Type: Boolean
    Description: Whether or not to show the various per-world configuration options of Spigot in the server console on startup.

    World settings

    Default: 650
    Type: Integer
    Description: Controls the amount of chunks that will be updated for growth per tick. Lowering this will potentially make growth slower while saving resources and vice versa.

    Default: 4
    Type: Integer
    Description: Controls the range in which mobs will spawn around a player. The default vanilla value is 8.

    Default: 3.5
    Type: Integer
    Description: Controls the range (in blocks), in which items will group together when on the ground.

    Default: 3.5
    Type: Integer
    Description: Controls the range (in blocks), in which XP points will group together when on the ground.

    Default: false
    Type: Boolean
    Description: Controls whether or not the server will randomly sample chunks in order to verify and fix lighting.

    Default: 4
    Type: Integer
    Description: Controls the amount of chunk ticks the server will skip then apply x times. Set this to 1 to disable the feature (and bring back vanilla behavior).

    where x = wheat, cactus, melon, pumpkin, sugar, tree, mushroom
    Default: 100
    Type: Integer
    Description: Controls the rate in percentage of the growth speed of each crop.

    where x = animals, monsters, misc
    Default: (animals: 32, monsters: 32, misc: 16)
    Type: Integer
    Description: Controls the range in blocks that entities will become "activated" - entities outside of this range will tick at a reduced rate to prevent server lag. These numbers can adversely effect gameplay when changed so do so with a clear mind.

    where x = players, animals, monsters, misc, max
    Default: (players: 48, animals: 48, monsters: 48, misc: 32, max: 64)
    Type: Integer
    Description: Controls the range in blocks that entities will become "visible" or otherwise known as "tracked" - entities outside of this range will be invisible as they are not being rendered to preserve cpu and bandwidth. This is particularly useful for PVP and PVE servers as turning down the player range will nerf various forms of wallhax / boundinghax.

    Default: The setting from server.properties.
    Type: Integer
    Description: Controls the radius of chunks around every player that will be loaded - This is normally adjusted via server.properties but can be added per-world in bukkit.yml.

    Chunk GC settings
    Disabling chunk GC or editing settings in this section is not recommended if you're not absolutely sure of what you're doing.

    Default: 600
    Type: Integer
    Description: Controls the time (in ticks) that the chunk garbage collector will run chunk cleanup. Do not set this 0!

    Default: 0
    Type: Integer
    Description: The number of chunks loaded by plugins that will force the chunk GC to run.

    Anti x-ray settings

    Default: false
    Type: Boolean
    Description: Self explanatory. Controls whether or not anti x-ray should be enabled.

    Default: 1
    Type: Integer
    Description: Controls the engine mode that the inbuilt anti x-ray uses. Example
    Engine mode 1 will hide all ores in the world with stone. Ores exposed to air pockets will still be visible!
    Engine mode 2 will hide everything by creating random ores all over the world, so that x-rayers will not be able to identify actual ores. Client and/or server latency due to overloading or network issues can cause undesired effects on the client side such as appearance of "fake ores".

    Default: world_the_end
    Type: List
    Description: Any worlds listed here will be ignored by the anti x-ray.

    Default: 1, 5, 14, 15, 16, 21, 48, 49, 54, 56, 73, 74, 82, 129, 130
    Type: List
    Description: Blocks that should be obfuscated by the anti x-ray.
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  2. YoFuzzy3


    How does the block list work with engine-mode set to 2? I have this and orebfuscator isn't working.
    Code (Text):
      enable: true
      engine-mode: 2
      - SMP_nether
      - SMP_the_end
      - 46
      - 152
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  4. I believe it shouldn't be there.
  5. YoFuzzy3


    What shouldn't be where? :p
  6. The item id's.
  7. YoFuzzy3


    Pretty sure they are. Otherwise how else am I meant to decide what blocks Spigot puts everywhere for x-rayers to see?
  8. Maybe don't use tnt and redstone....
  9. YoFuzzy3


    It's to make the map detonate if anyone downloads it. Anyway, no matter the blocks I put x-ray isn't working, proven in my server timings also.
  10. Dmck2b

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    Couldn't you simply avoid that using MCEDIT or a simple plugin to prevent TnT damage?
  11. YoFuzzy3


    Yes, but it'd be funny if the person didn't realise. :p
  12. With the move of the Spigot Config. What exactly was the code line for disabling Netty? The original post basically deleted with no history/spoiler to look back on for reference.
    The code I was using for rtoolkit was -Dorg.spigotmc.netty.disabled\=true, which I'm not 100% certain it's the exact same code for a normal startup script.
  13. Puremin0rez


  14. Thank you for a very quick response. Wasn't expecting someone to answer this late at night. At least, around my time zone.
    Also, one reason I'm more determined to get Spigot working with the new host I'm going to, ScreenShot plugin. Was told to go back to CraftBukkit as SpoutPlugin wasn't designed for Spigot. Spigot, to a point, is mostly CraftBukkit. I'm just upset one feature, though fairly large, broke a good feature on my server, but yet easily fixed, until I decided to move hosts. Though I am a bit angry, I'm trying to keep calm and collective. Doubt I'm doing very well at the moment.
  15. Puremin0rez


    As far as I know SpoutPlugin works fine with Spigot (and Netty)

    Sounds like your Screenshot Plugin is doing something strange with networking.
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  17. Netty can now me disabled in the new yml? Great news! Saves a lot of headache with my new host then! I'll pass the news along to them.
  18. Great work what is the situation regarding "autosave" that used to be in bukkit.yml. Can I presume that autosave is not active and we have to manage that ourselfs ? Not an issue just need to know if i need to.

  19. Is tab-ping removed?
  20. I think filter-unsafe-ips isn't in the spigot.yml anymore, it's not in my config.

    On a side note: Maxbans has this feature as well and blocks IP's in DNS blacklists. I use it and that's not enough for me. I don't know if there is a way to block all proxy IP's and servers like you can with webservers?
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