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  1. With the Announcement of the "Better Together Update" from E3 Mojang/Microsoft announced a cross comparability between consoles, mobile devices and Windows 10 edition while renaming the PC version to MineCraft Java Edition (Talk about a stab in the back) and all the console/mobile editions will become the official "Minecraft", The one being marketed.
    From a business perspective of making money this makes sense, as they are charging micro transactions for Skins and maps, but from a community perspective for the people that made minecraft what it is today, all the thousands of server owners and plugin developers, this is a massive kick in the teeth.

    back in July 2015 I made this post:
    It was Locked due to not knowing the future of minecraft, well today we know.

    This change was predicted by many people back when Windows 10 version came around for Microsoft trying to push out the Java version, I wanted to prepair the community for the inevitable move Microsoft will make to the C version of Minecraft.

    With this new E3 announcement I'm making the plea again, 2 years later to get a version of Spigot working for the C version of Minecraft so whatever Mojang/Minecraft does in the future we will still have control with server software and plugins.

    Im utterly disgusted the mammoth servers will be put into the C versions server list by default, Minecraft was primarily made world famous by the community building an extending it, to allow the 1% have the main market share of players is just bonkers from my perspective.

    My suggestion is to have a Spigot "console edition" start to be built.

    I would love to hear others thoughts and worries about the Future of the now "Minecraft Java Edition", I for one can only see Microsoft putting it on the back-burner and continuing full speed for the C version.
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  2. MiniDigger


    there will be a final update for minecraft: java editon, sooner or later. but that doesn't mean that the java edition will die after that.
    maybe I am too optimistic here, but I don't see many ppl moving. most ppl are annoyed by updates anyways.
    if mojang would stop updating java minecraft, that would mean that the community could adjust the focus. forge and spigot maintainers could stop worrying about updating their stuff and could spend more time on the apis, plugin and mod authors don't need to spend time on supporting multiple versions and could focus on the features.
    I would guess that mojang keeps auth, session and skin servers running (and fund those via realms), but with this community, I don't think that it would be too optimistic that we would setup our own infrastructure, when all developers and owners of big networks come together.

    you don't seem to understand how much work it would be to write a PE server. with spigot and bukkit, we didn't had to start at zero. we used the internal minecraft server and only modified that. that alone is a huge task (sponge took years to provide a usable api). now imagine if you start at absolutely zero. we can't use any internal stuff of the PE edition, its not as open as java is. the protocol documentation also sucks so you would need to spend some time reverse engineering the protocol (hint: its a mess, it uses udp but tried to make it work like tcp via raknet).
    then add the race vs mojang to that, as they will always add new features that we would need to implement too (no easy version switching on PE, if ppl update they can't downgrade, all servers would always need to stay updated)

    I saw multiple ppl attempt to build a PE server, and every single project somewhat died, often because of the reasons outlined above.

    TL;DR: its just not worth the time. java edition isn't going to die any time soon.
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  3. That's why I suggested it 2 years ago, so by now we would have something instead of nothing.
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  4. Phoenix616

    Resource Staff

    Well there are already other projects that try to get the Bukkit api (or something similar) to PE/Win10 edition which everyone is free to work on and support, but I think it's out of the scope for our Java focused community to write a completely new server in C++.
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  5. I agree with the suggestion, It is clear that Microsoft favors the C edition over the java edition, so there's no telling when they might announce the end of support for java.

    Even If it takes considerable time to make, I'm sure if we start making this today, we won't have to worry ourselves when the java edition dies as we would already have an alternate version ready for us to use
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  6. I disagree. They're not gonna kill updates to a game that continues to sell thousands of copies, for an alternative which lacks a lot currently compared to JE. Maybe in a few years time when Minecraft has had more time to mature into a game with a lot of features like we see in Minecraft: JE but until then, I think they intend to keep the updates rolling.
  7. That's the main reason why OP has requested this now, like another user mentioned before developing this is going to take time so we need to utilize the time we have and start developing the new edition, Microsoft is basically trying to sell us to get ready for the switch to the C version.
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  8. MiniDigger


    Who said that it would be written in c++? ;)
    Nothing wrong about using Java for a clean impl of MCPE.
    Yeah, it will be rather later than sooner, but there will be that point. With the unification of pe they can catch up fast
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  9. Not a fan of the name change (I ain't calling those 4 editions one thing that counts for everything... they should've at least added "X Edition" on the end), but I see what they want to do - smart business plan honestly. The "Better Together" versions clearly bring in more money for them than the Java Edition. In terms of what's next for JE, I can see at least 1.17 being developed which would be 2 or 3 years away.

    Now the servers for the BT (Better Together) editions: it seems the large servers are migrating over. Hypixel did an alpha test last year (nothing has been said since), Mineplex are already well established within the Pocket Edition community, CubeCraft was shown off at E3 and The Hive seems to be getting involved too. I guess it's only a matter of time before they completely leave JE alone and move over to the BT versions and probably only a matter of time before the community moves over to the BT versions.

    For now though, I don't think we'll need a Spigot for the BT versions though maybe a few years down the line we will.
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  10. MiniDigger


    I don't see any big server moving away from Java unless Mojang somehow forces them. Pc players are more likely to pay than pe players.
    Not sure about hypixel, they could have stashed their pe plans in favor of their own game. Is the China editon Java or pe? Maybe they focused on that too.
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  11. Actually, you're right about that. The servers can still make a profit from JE and JE players are more likely to pay than PE players.

    From what I've heard and seen, the China Edition is Java but I could be totally wrong.
  12. I have to admit, this update does look very exciting and I hope to one day be able to make my own server that players on other editions of Minecraft can connect to but I don't see that in the near future. This update seems to only have the big servers but in the big announcement trailer on Mojangs YouTube, I didn't see Hypixel in the trailer which puzzles me since they are the biggest Minecraft server out there to this date. Maybe it could be because they've already been working on PE support by themselves... I don't even know.
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  13. The only thing I liked about the announcement was the 4k optional texture update, the rest of it however is definitely a money making scheme on their part, they are a company so no one blames them. However I do not think they will abandon the Java version for at least a good 4-5 years. By then the community will adjust like it always does to change
  14. Hypixel did an alpha test last year but nothing has been said since, not a single word.
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  15. wow4201


    It sounds like not only by default, these servers are added. But there's no actual "add server" or "direct connect" feature. So you have to be whitelisted.
    What do you guys think?
  16. MiniDigger


    microsoft using their power to control the environment, nothing new. thats where the eula enforcement originally came from ;)
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  17. MineCove


    With Microsoft at the head, Minecraft Java edition will be phased out. Eventually.

    While your idea would circumvent it's inevitable discontinuation, this is beyond a 'suggestion'. You're asking for hundreds, if not thousands of hours rebuilding the software. This will not happen unless a great sum is paid to the developers. Even then, why in the world would the individual(s) paying agree for it to be released publicly? Sorry, if this is ever going to be a reality, it will be a private project.

    If it is any consolation, there is no way that Mojang would endorse these servers without first neutering them of control. There were most certainly closed door meetings wherein contracts stripping these servers of free reign were signed. In essence, they must now work within Mojang's new parameters without the dignity of independence that they once had.
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  18. Don't forget that the current top Minecraft PE servers make less then 1K a month and then the top Java edition servers like MineHeroes PrimeMC CosmicPvP make that in a day ;) Maybe that's the reason why Hypixel also doesn't really work on their PE version anymore
  19. I personally came to MCPC from MCPE, and even with the current status now I hate MCPE and I would never dedicate time to code a server for it.. I doubt MCPC will ever die out completely..
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  20. I work in a primary school. Many children here dont even know about java edition. most use pe or Win10 edition. I really hope that those versions will be able to join spigot servers in the future. otherwise my server will die out one day because new players wont come :/
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