Spigot, CraftBukkit, BungeeCord 1.10

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  1. oh, okay.
  2. Exactly.
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  3. Jenkins is a very efficient way of continuous integration of the latest builds. Its as simple as pushing a build from their IDE instead of manually having to update a resource, it ain't gonna happen. It really isn't that confusing to use Jenkins to be honest. If it really is such a problem I'm sure there are plenty of tutorials to help you.

    Like if you need the latest BuildTools, just google "buildtools jenkins", first result you get is -> https://hub.spigotmc.org/jenkins/job/BuildTools/ then under latest successful artifacts select buildtools.jar. how hard is that?

    Or just bookmark this URL to get the latest build each time:

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  4. Okay, I understand - I know how to create a server/download it, it's just for the users a little bit confusing - but okay! :D
  5. Confusing as it might be the wiki makes it pretty clear, I guess there are a lot out there that just want a single download and are too lazy to read the wiki and learn how to build it themselves. Unfortunately a single download cannot be done anymore like before as it would be of breach of DMCA to distribute the compiled spigot jar.
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  6. Unfortunately, if they could add a simple download link, they'd do if: in fact, there used to be one before MC-1.8, but due to a legal copyright lawsuit in the US, the Spigot staff was forced to take it down. There is plenty of information both on the Spigot wiki and in the announcements subforum, if you wanna document yourself.
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