Spigot, CraftBukkit, BungeeCord 1.9.4

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  1. Woho! Thanks :D
  2. Awesome, updating tomorrow :)
  3. I wonder when the whole bukkit fiasco will be over and we can have a normal download link (i don't have a problem with compiling spigot with build tools), but its just a thought....and seeing that mojang owns bukkit, and this whole thing is only hurting the community, why not just drop it already :D
  4. That was a fast update :)
  5. Your signature is BIG to what exactly? Do you mean "too" big?
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  6. This has nothing to do with Mojang, rather an ex-Bukkit dev who DMCA'd bukkit, meaning BuildTools is one of the few legal ways to distribute Spigot.
  7. Will you be adding protocol support for 1.9/.2 just like you did before? I understand that there are third party plugins, would be nice to have native support though.
  8. Does Spigot have an official statement on the EULA enforcements?
  9. Do they have any reason for having a statement on it?
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  10. No, but it would be nice to know they care about the future of Minecraft.
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  11. If you mean "it would be nice to know they care about the future of Minecraft," they take their time to work on Spigot, with no direct reward. Is that not enough to show that they care?
  12. I mean, why is that ex-bukkit dev able to have so much control over a organization(bukkit) and its work, when mojang owns bukkit. Shouldn't mojang be able to say that it is now our code and that we are making it open source?
  13. It doesnt work like that.

    He, who shall not be named, owns his portion of the code. He submitted said code to a GPL licensed project. This said project was distributed with non GPL code, which violates that GPL license. So, he filed a DMCA takedown notice and got the whole thing shutdown. It is perfectly legal what he did, and it is 100% within his right to do so. Its a dick move, yes, because he knew full well he was contributing to a GPL project that was distributed with non GPL code from the very beginning. But whatever. Thats on him.

    This is why we have BuildTools now. The GPL code is 100% legal to use still. It always has been, even for Mojang. But it cannot be distributed with non GPL code. ^_^

    None of what happened was over the EULA. I dont know where that idea even came from..
  14. I got the first error you posted as well. I went in, cleared the directory of all files/folder except buildtools.jar, and started it again. Worked fine then.
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  15. Thanks that worked for me.
  16. http://nickcraft.uk/dl1.9.4/
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  17. Thanks from Germany :D.
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