Spigot, CraftBukkit, BungeeCord 1.9.4

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by md_5, May 10, 2016.

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  1. THX, clears it up for me :D
  2. That's what pisses me off , he knew all along and then turns around and screwed the community, but enough of him he had his 15 minutes of what ever you want to call it, Thanks to the Spigot team for not letting them stop the movement and continue on with the great progress being done in the last couple of years. I Love you guys, for making my kids love me so much every time i update their server!:D
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  3. lol if you read that line by itself XD
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  4. Guy's did a great job of updating, just waiting for a few more plugins to catch up!

    We did have a really weird glitch where it 'opped' a player (fortuntely a trusted one) without any command input, nothing in logs etc, and we have it crazily locked down (really upsets some of our newer players) so no access in game to do that .I work in IT so digging down/root cause analysis is second nature, to investigate combined with a natural sense of IT governance paranoia! Just keeping an eye on if it occurs again, very very strange.....

    otherwise love it, resource usage seems improved :)
  5. Has the unloading chunk issue been fixed yet? Its absolutely ridiculous its just loading more and more chunks and not unloading any of them.

  6. Yeah it does sound weird...:confused:, but the look on their faces every time i update their server is priceless, their friends love it too.. Wish i knew more about coding, so much i would with it.
  7. What if we run our servers on a host that doesn't provide terminal access? Is there anywhere else to get the build?
  8. How about build it on your pc then upload :3
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  9. plugins are a little behind... but 1.9.4 looks like great news
  10. Thanks I worked that out after a few hours. Tip, don't forget to restart the correct server. If you do forget then it won't work :p

    The only plugins I had issue with were TabListEdit, Citizens and HolographicDisplays Otherwise the rest of my 64 plugins work flawlessly.
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  11. noice

    I like 1.9

    its sick

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  12. Good for this update !
  13. Great. Now I can use spigot with the latest mc version.
  14. Big thanks for the addition of the TabCompleteEvent, very useful!
  15. Any idea when 1.9.4 will be officially marked as the latest or default build?
  16. Drekryan


    Awesome! Just got my network fully updated and everything is still working ;) Cheers!
  17. Cheers for the speedy update :)
  18. This might sound noobish, but can someone explain what this statement means?
  19. If you write a plugin use the BukkitAPI or it wont work?
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