Spigot, CraftBukkit, BungeeCord 1.9.4

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  1. MiniDigger


    don't use nms and obc code if you can't maintain it.
  2. Fantastic! Thank-you team!
  3. So fast, thanks!
  4. Anyone know why 1.9.4 hasn't been marked as the default version yet? When I run /ver in-game it says I'm 18 versions behind.

    I know I can use --rev 1.9.4, but I'm curious as to why it isn't the default.
  5. cant start git bash it alwas says error 0xc0000022 pls can anyone help me how to fix it
  6. Are you on Windows? If so, I believe you can use the regular Command Prompt (cmd.exe).
    As to the error you're getting, I'm afraid I can't be of any help there.
  7. sadly not i tryed the cmd. it started buildtools and closed it instant than with the message: u need to open this jar in git bash
  8. Oh, for some reason I thought it could be used with cmd.exe... Good to know.
  9. Where do you write it? the 1.9.4 code
  10. in your terminal/console out of a minecraft screen.
  11. Finally! :)
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  12. so much better than bukkit ever was...
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  13. God! ♥
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  14. With 1.9.4, the ODBC driver of Mysql is broken, many plugins that use Mysqld can not connect to the database, when in 1.8.9 if they do.

    The solution is to open the .jar, replace whatever is Mysqld by that of 1.8.9 and it works.
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  15. ty dude!
  16. Thanks Spigot Team.
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