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Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by Proximyst, Feb 11, 2017.

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  1. MiniDigger


    but then I want one of scala too!
    and for groovy!
    and for clojure!
    and for whatever jvm language that is cool right now!
  2. I'm with @stoneminer02.
    Kotlin will become more popular soon.

    I think this should be added.

    And, @MiniDigger, I have never seen a plugin made in any of those languages so there's no point in adding them.
  3. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Not happening.
    The Spigot API is the same whether you use Kotlin or Java. Kotlin also isn't very popular when compared to Java or Skript.
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  4. Legoman99573


    Kotlin could be a suggestion once alot of people use it, but right now, I don't see a point yet for it.

    Even though alot of people want the Skript section gone for their own personal gain.
  5. MiniDigger


    what kind of personal gain?
  6. Tux


    Kotlin is still too far niche.
  7. JamesJ


    Not so long ago Skript wasn't big on this forum, until you added a subform and a category for it...
    Since then Spigot's turned into the new SkUnity forums..

    No people want Skript gone because I fail to see why it belongs on Spigot.
    People aren't allowed to post configurations for plugins in the resources section, so why should they be allowed to post configurations for Skript? As remember, that's all it is.

    Spigot is a Minecraft Server API. Unless there's going to be a sub-forum for every API ever made, as that's all Skript is - an API for an API - there's no need to have Skript on this site.

    I am very against the "Java" Developer masterrace, and hate how people shit on Skript, however if Skript is allowed on this site yet a language which fucking compiles into Java isn't, that's completely stupid.
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  8. MiniDigger


    nobody says that you can't upload Kotlin based plugins. Kotlin is not banned here, lol.
    there are just not enough ppl posting threads about Kotlin help to justify a whole forum section. but you can still ask for help in the normal plugin dev forum and ppl who know Kotlin can help you.
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  9. Legoman99573


    Explains why people in the past posted 1 star reviews on skript resources saying "Skript is stupid. Learn Java. <Spam characters to 100 characters>" and since recently, I just report the member for a review that is just there because they hate the language, or some call it a configuration, itself.

    Couldn't you just put it in the standalone section?
  10. That's like calling JavaScript "configuration files" for your browser.

    You can express algorithms, set an arbitrary amount of memory, etc in Skript. It's Turing-complete.

    Kotlin compiles to the same bytecode as Java, so that isn't necessary unless someone creates a Kotlin program that isn't a plugin.
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  11. That's not needed because the whole point of kotlin is that it compiles to bytecode. So it doesn't matter if the plugin was written in kotlin or java, the jar is still bytecode.
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  12. JamesJ


    I said "I" - I cannot speak on behalf of all Java Developers, and hence, I did not.

    No, it's not like calling JavaScript an extension of your browser - because JavaScript processing is built into the browser.
    Had Bukkit included a Skript processor inside it, then you would be able to compare the two.
  13. Legoman99573


    I wasnt talking about you, I am talking about those java developers that waste their time rating 1 star just to get a spotlight hoping others will do the same.
  14. You said that scripts are just configurations for Skript, which is entirely wrong - they're much more than just config.yml's uploaded to Spigot. Which is also what I'm saying about JavaScript... there's a whole lot more going on than just simple configuration. They're absolutely comparable in that way.
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  15. tbh i cant even call kotlin related to java, it looks way more like python
  16. Isn't that kind of awesome, though? All the benefits of the JVM, plus the all Java libs, but without the clunky syntax of Java.

    Syntax isn't everything, of course, and calling a JVM language unrelated to Java is silly.