Spigot didn't add the new spawn eggs in 1.10 only polar bear nothing else

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  1. I was so happy about updating to figure this out.. Very disappointed there aren't Husks and the new spawn eggs for Husks etc.
  2. I hope spigot does add this soon also i don't mean to be complaining its just my players really wanted the husks and stuff..
  3. According to the Minecraft Wiki, there is no spawn egg for Husks or Strays in the PC version of Minecraft.

    Also, Husks are a variant of Zombies, while Strays are a variant of Skeletons.
  4. I saw in the 1.10 snapshot there was a spawn egg for Zombie horses but on my server which is 1.10 i look it up and it doesn't show up
  5. Yea because it was taken out. Spigot can't control the creative inventory it could only prevent you from rightclicking with that egg. So if minecraft doesn't show it it does not exist.
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  6. I did a bit of messing with commands, and it is possible to spawn the eggs, however they have no color and don't work.

    Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 4.00.11 PM.png