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  1. Spanish is my first language, I can help out by not making it look like everything was copy/pasted into google translate. Which really does look like it was especially for he teanslation of developers. I giggled a bit when I read that.
  2. Thanks! i feel very honored to contribute with the Spigot spanish wiki! :D
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  3. jflory7

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    Feel free to clean up grammar and syntax where you are able to do so.

    Looking forward to seeing new contributions. :)
  4. jtaylor69

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    As long as the translated content is accurate, I'm all for a multilingual wiki.
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  5. Is anyone can create a wiki page for different language O.O?
  6. jflory7

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    There would have to be enough bilingual Turkish translators for this to be realistic. You could make a thread in "Spigot Discussion" to see if there is interest.
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  7. Very thanks you. I wanted this post (i am spanish) Gracias!. If you need help, you can tell me!
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  8. Muchísimas gracias por esta traducción ;D
  9. I've added some things, I'll do the downloads and development section.
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  10. Muchas gracias para la traducción. Me agradece!
  11. google traductor jajjajaj
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  12. I have fixed almost every typos in accents, and grammar. My main language is Spanish.
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  13. jflory7

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    Thanks for your help!! We've got some big plans for the wiki coming up, so we could definitely use some help with translators in the near future. More info coming soon!
  14. No problem, I'll help whenever I can.
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  15. Muchas gracias por la traducción, así los que no entiendan muy bien el Ingles podran seguir teniendo ayuda <3
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  16. Gracias por el tutorial en español ^^
  17. @jflory7, could you pls make the page for tips tricks and tutorials in Spanish?
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  18. jflory7

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