Spigot en Español

Discussion in 'Wiki Discussion' started by jflory7, May 8, 2015.

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  1. joshwenke

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    Go ahead and wait a bit before you make new wiki pages. We'll put together some new documentation on making pages.
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  2. @jflory7 is there a bungeecord wiki for Spanish language?
  3. ???
  4. Translates to "That's f***ing cool" I think.
  5. I speak Spanish, lol.
    The reason I wrote that because it was offensive and offtopic.
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  6. Ah, I see :)
  7. Excelente!!!
  8. Espita en español sería un paso épico para el equipo de espita! Hablo muy poco español! Inglés es mi discurso native!
  9. I can clearly see some google translate remains in your message
  10. Actually bing translate XD
  11. is this still up?
    it's been a while lol
  12. Como subo un plugin premium? : P.
    Soy nuevo en esto!
  13. Toni, qué tal? para subir un plugin en español necesitas tener 35 post, y haber publicado al menos 2 plugins gratuitos. Aunque están en inglés, te recomendaría leer las reglas.

    Un saludo
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  14. I guess spigot also has spanish people to translate! :D if ya need dutch translations hit me up!
  15. Gracias por esto!
  16. Fixed some of it. Still needs some corrections regarding grammar and coherence lol, nice contribution though!

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