Solved Spigot error on ARM 64bit

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  1. Spigot cannot run plugins that uses SQLite on ARM 64bit Machine

    (SOLVED: Compile Library for ARM 64bit Machine)
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  2. md_5

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    Add java argument:
  3. Hi, I got the same problem, could you develop how you solved it? I don't know how to integrate or build on my own, neither don't know what to google. Thanks.
  4. Hi,

    The argument does not make any effect.

    Is it possible to you to create a version for aarch64?

    I have a lot of small Spigot servers running in Raspberry Pi 3 (1 GB RAM DDR2) with Java 32 bit and Raspbian (Debian for Raspberry), but they run better in Odroid C2 (2GB RAM DDR3) with Java 64 bit on Armbian (Debian for Arm). There are no 32 bits version of Armbian for Odroid C2. I need to use a lot of plugins that need SQLite.

    - Odroid-C2 2GB RAM DDR3, Quad core Cortex-A53 1.5GHz, Ethernet Gbit,
    - Armbian 64 bits
    - Java 8 (build 131) 64 bits
    - Spigot 1.12 build 1311
    - Plugins that need SQLite:
    - AuthMe
    - Worldguard
    - Craftbook
    - Jobs
    - LootManager

    Thank You.

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