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  1. So, essentially, you're saying that there is no difference between the Essentials that is hosted by Bukkit, and the Essentials hosted on the Spigot Jenkins?
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  2. Essential-ly I see what you did there
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  3. its the same thing...
  4. Ok, thank you very much :)

    And @FloThePony , not intended, but thank you so much for taking the time to make a reply just to point out the bad humor </sarcasm>
  5. ;-;
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  6. Umm...... this isn't the exact same plugin. The documentation describes a few features as far from what the plugin is doing.

    For instance, /info binds an item to give information about blocks, meanwhile the documentation says that it just pulls from an info.txt.

    EDIT: Also, there are features in the Essentials we're talking about that are completely not in the Official Documentation
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  7. The documentation is correct, it's just WorldEdit has control of the '/info' command on your server. The main difference between the official jars and the Spigot jars is that Spigot's jars have been updated to 1.8.x
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  8. Sorry, check the EDIT on that comment, too.
  9. Cldfire

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    That is the correct documentation, and there are no differences. You must be missing something...

    Are you viewing the dev 2.14.x features? You should be viewing those.
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  10. @Khionu What features are different that don't involve other plugins taking over commands?
  11. Well, one feature is "Condense", which basically moves as many Nuggets to Ingots, and Ingots to Blocks, etc. And I'm using the documentation from the above link. I'd happily grab some screenshots, if you want, but I'm using the JAR in my OP, and the Documentation from YoloxPanda
  12. @Khionu
    Make sure you are selecting the Dev 2.14.x docs on the Essential wiki, not the 2.13.1

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  13. Thank you, that's much better :) Thank you all!!!