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Spigot for Vanilla server.

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by greedseed, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Oke i know its a very difficult request. But hear my point :D

    I am a moderator on the new modpack : Feed the Beast. In the past i used 1.2.5 with Spigot and it worked perfectly. But since 1.4.x Forge is not working with bukkit anymore. It only works with the vanilla server. Now is it possible to port or create these awesome features for a vanilla server ? so i CAN have Spigot awesome and forge for my mods ?

  2. I think you need the MCPC build. I'm not sure if theres one for 1.4, but md_5 can answer that.
  3. well there is big hassle ATM. Bukkit wont work with forge anymore so all modders stopped porting mods on MCPC. Thats why the list is still so small as it is on MCPC.
  4. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Working with LexManos on something much better.
  5. oh i see him on Teamspeak here on FTB, he will probebly hop in TS with me since i am in the jaded and slow stream a lot :)
  6. The anticipation! You can call it.....Sporge!
  7. yeah some hints to what it will be would be awsome :p
  8. Where is this idea that Bukkit is sabotaging come from? Bukkit isn't going to create forge for them, if that's what you mean. It's their project not Bukkit's.
  9. did not state that. It bukkit is not willing to provide there mapping to forge so forge can work towards bukkit.

    But this is not a discussion about bukkit - forge. This is a question about Spigot supporting vanilla
  10. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    If that is the case, then can I ask you why you want Spigot for Vanilla?
    Just don't install any plugins..
  11. Chunk render control, mod spawn control, and all that spigot can offer :p

    i mean we cannot do anything between the bukkit - forge issue, we need to behelp ourselfs with what we have :)
  12. Hola, tengo el mismo problema. Quiero vainilla para mi servidor spiogt
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