Spigot + java 9?

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  1. Basically everyone is using java 8 or 7 for spigot but is this because they dont want to update or because it simply dosent support 9 yet (or some other reason)
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    As far as we're concerned, Spigot should work for Java 9. It wasn't built for it, but it most certainly should work. Fairly certain it was tested by md_5 just a little over a couple months ago when a ticket was asking a question in a Java 9 environment. I wouldn't recommend its use at the moment, though, as most plugins haven't taken the liberty to embrace Java 9. While they'll work for the most part, there may be a few that will break.
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    I can assure you some plugins do break. I’ve had a few complaints caused by a newer version of Java (9 and 10) which I’ve since fixed. I recommend staying with Java 8 as that is used by 90% of servers and is mainly what plugins are build to support.
  4. Seems that public updates stopped for Java 9 already (not sure if this includes security patches, but it appears to stop those as well), so might be worth jumping to 10 if you want to drop 8.

    Also note that public updates will end with the next release, so each version will be good for half a year only.

    Java 8 will only be fine for another 6 months, so I'd still recommend updating more frequently from this point, and making sure your jars are compatible with Java 9+.
  5. how about java 10
  6. Java 10 isn’t needed to be considered until there is major talk, and or when it is released. That discussion can be when Java Announces the changes for that specific build.
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    It’s already released (and works with 1.12.2)
  8. which do you suggest 8 9 or 10?
  9. For public plugins Java 8.
    For private ones it depends on your version installed on your Server. I recommend using the latest version for your server.
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    I’d say stick with Java 8 both for plugins as well as for servers.

    As mentioned in my post earlier, running a newer Java version can cause some minor issues with some plugins.

    Surely, those issues are fixable, however, why not avoid the hassle both for your own sake and the developers.
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    Java 8 is better (as stated above) just because most people are still using it, go ahead and use a higher version but be ready to fix errors for people still using lower versions,
    I personally use 8 as its the common for now,
  12. Keep in mind that 8 will only be supported by Oracle for another 6-8 months or so.

    After that, you'll have to switch to 11 for a supported Java version
  13. That's not true. Java 8 will be updated for personal users and commercial users with a license until December 2020, and licensed commercial users receive Premier Support until March 2022 and extended support until 2025 (see).

    Please note that the feature release cycle period hasn't changed, even though the names have. So, Java 12 and 13 will be the same to Java 11 as 8u20 and 8u40 were to Java 8.
  14. That's end user support though, probably not targeted towards Minecraft servers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    On the same note, I assumed the vast majority isn't using premier support :p