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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by CristianoTRS, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Someone tell me where I can pay to learn how to code Bukkit, thanks!
  2. Why do you want to pay? There are so many free online tutorials that work really well, just go on youtube. Also advice for the future how you phrased the sentence sounds a little bit like something a "leech" would say, I would recommend rephrasing it into something along the lines of "Hey guys, I'm looking for a place to learn Bukkit coding but I'm not sure where to start, anybody know a good series or place to start? I'm willing to pay btw."
  3. Learn Java basics, then learn plugin coding. If you're already familiar with Java (or similar languages), or you just want to cut to it, you can find just about any question you might have on these forums. If not, you can make a thread, too. The proper section is Spigot Development Help.
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  4. To be honest, there is no need to pay for learning coding, it wont help you much besides growing your ego because of the feeling of receiving a "premium" lesson.
    I myself learnt by watching others code and looking at github, however at first i did try to read few books that didnt help much.
    What i mean is, find your best way of learning, there is no need to pay.
  5. Look up "The Source Code" they have spigot tutorials for a wide variety of things that you might need. Join https://discord.gg/ftgmMTP to get even more help.
  6. I would say, just download eclipse and spigot, watch a youtube series, and before you fall asleep of boredom from watching youtube, try making something.

    The best way to learn is to try things out yourself (I know many members of the spigot community disagree with me but oh well)
  7. If you require to learn, watch youtube don't pay people unless you find someone that would be great to teach you Java then move forward towards development for mc and other stuff.
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  8. You dont have to pay to learn, i learned java mostly through the internet, there are some tutorials on youtube, bukkit, even here.
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  9. I prefer text based tutorials. In programming videobased ones aren’t the best.
  10. Get a basic understanding of Java before getting into Spigot. Definitely join some coding communities on Discord or similar to get help when you need it! I can get you some if you dm me :D

    Like everyone else said as well, lots of tutorials online that are free. You will want to save your money for later on :)
  11. You don't have to pay to learn Spigot Development. You can just watch this tutorial series:

    Good Start !

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