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Solved Spigot not parsing real player's IP to BungeeCord.

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by mibby, Apr 29, 2013.

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    No word on this issue yet?
  2. md_5

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    Seems to work fine for me...
  3. Did you put in the correct IP in your Bukkit.yml?
  4. Yes. Players can connect to the servers just fine through BungeeCord. However plugins are viewing every player's IP as the BungeeCord's IP.
  5. Reread the file I told you to check.
  6. The bukkit.yml is currently set to for BungeeCord. Does it have to be set to the proper server IP? Users can connect just fine with it set to though.
  7. Post the important stuff of your BungeeCord config.yml.
  8. That's odd, I added the server's IP to the bukkit.yml in conjunction with and now all players have unique IPs. Any reason why I would have to use the main server's IP and in bukkit.yml to parse unique IPs to every user for plugins? With just, any user can connect to the server, but their IP is the server's IP. With 127 and the server's IP in bukkit.yml, they can connect and with unique IPs.
  9. == localhost. xD Not sure why though. Well, glad it is all working now! Mark it as resolved. :>

  10. how did you get it to work? what do you mean by adding both IPs?

    i am running BungeeCord-Proxy-1.5-SNAPSHOT-"2069679"-542 with Spigot-955 and i am getting the server IP and not the user IPs on my logs :/
  11. joehot200


    Did you add the bungee ip to the bungee-proxies in the bukkit.yml/spigot.yml??
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  12. well shit... thanks.
  13. I dont get it ... ! I dont have the same IP .... what i need to change here is my bukkit.yml

    # This is the main configuration file for Bukkit.
    # As you can see, there's actually not that much to configure without any plugins.
    # For a reference for any variable inside this file, check out the bukkit wiki at
    # http://wiki.bukkit.org/Bukkit.yml
    allow-end: false
    warn-on-overload: true
    permissions-file: permissions.yml
    update-folder: update
    ping-packet-limit: 100
    use-exact-login-location: ture
    plugin-profiling: false
    connection-throttle: -1
    query-plugins: true
    deprecated-verbose: default
    shutdown-message: Server closed !
    monsters: 70
    animals: 15
    water-animals: 5
    ambient: 15
    period-in-ticks: 600
    load-threshold: 0
    animal-spawns: 400
    monster-spawns: 1
    autosave: 0
    enabled: true
    - warn-console
    - warn-ops
    - warn-console
    - warn-ops
    preferred-channel: rb
    host: dl.bukkit.org
    suggest-channels: true
    username: bukkit
    isolation: SERIALIZABLE
    driver: org.sqlite.JDBC
    password: walrus
    url: jdbc:sqlite:{DIR}{NAME}.db
    - version
    And here is my spigot.yml
    # This is the main configuration file for Spigot.
    # As you can see, there's tons to configure. Some options may impact gameplay, so use
    # with caution, and make sure you know what each option does before configuring.
    # For a reference for any variable inside this file, check out the Spigot wiki at
    # http://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/spigot-configuration/
    # If you need help with the configuration or have any questions related to Spigot,
    # join us at the IRC or drop by our forums and leave a post.
    # IRC: #spigot @ irc.esper.net ( http://webchat.esper.net/?channel=spigot )
    # Forums: http://www.spigotmc.org/forum/
    config-version: 5
    tab-complete: true
    log: true
    whitelist: You are not whitelisted on this server!
    unknown-command: Unknown command. Type "/help" for help.
    server-full: The server is full!
    outdated-client: Outdated client! Please use {}
    outdated-server: Outdated server! I'm still on {0}
    restart: Server is restarting
    bungeecord: true
    late-bind: false
    timeout-time: 60
    restart-on-crash: true
    restart-script: ./start.sh
    netty-threads: 4
    - setblock
    - summon
    - testforblock
    verbose: true
    chunks-per-tick: 650
    view-distance: 10
    exp: 3.0
    item: 2.5
    mob-spawn-range: 4
    nerf-spawner-mobs: false
    zombie-aggressive-towards-villager: true
    item-despawn-rate: 6000
    arrow-despawn-rate: 1200
    cactus-modifier: 100
    cane-modifier: 100
    melon-modifier: 100
    mushroom-modifier: 100
    pumpkin-modifier: 100
    sapling-modifier: 100
    wheat-modifier: 100
    animals: 32
    monsters: 32
    misc: 16
    players: 48
    animals: 48
    monsters: 48
    misc: 32
    other: 64
    save-structure-info: true
    enabled: true
    engine-mode: 1
    - 14
    - 15
    - 16
    - 21
    - 48
    - 49
    - 54
    - 56
    - 73
    - 74
    - 82
    - 129
    - 130
    - 1
    - 5
    hopper-transfer: 8
    hopper-check: 8
    random-light-updates: false
    Soo what i need to change ? Thanks for helping
  14. joehot200


    Its in the spigot.yml - BungeeCord: true
  15. I have it to true but it still not working ! ...
  16. joehot200


    And IP-Forward: True as well?