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  1. Hello people who are reading this forum post I need your help RIGHT NOW!!! I am looking to use Spigot for my Minecraft server and hosting it on AWS. Here are some question I need help on

    1. When deploying the server how do I access server files such as the whitelist and Plugins? I am thinking it is a command using /white-list and /plugins

    2. How do I install plugins into the folder if the .jar file is being run on the ec2 or ec3?

    3. Will AWS create files on my desktop where I can open up my server data?

    4. Is AWS worth it for a minecraft server? Is there enough processing power?

    I think my main questions are how to access my files for Spigot because I want to be able to access these folders to blacklist, white list, and add plugins. Thank you for your help if you respond and if you have other recommendations on cloud hosting services leave them below! Thanks guys!

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  2. Through SFTP

    Through SFTP

    No, they're placed in the server directory that exists on your EC2 instace.

    The bandwidth costs and arm and a leg,

    You're better off getting an SSD VPS at OVH, Vultr, DigitalOcean, etc
  3. @redfrosting So how will these questions work with these services? Will they work the same or differently? I only have 1 new question

    1. On DigitalOcean how will I access my files for spigot? Is it the same?