Spigot or Plugin Dupe Glitch?

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  1. Hello, so I have come to of found a very weird exploit. I have no idea if it is spigot or a plugin related but ill list my plugins. I am running a Skyblock server and what I found is very strange. It is a duplication glitch. Have the item you want to duplicate in your inventory. Jump off island and do /spawn to die at spawn upon teleporting. It acts as if you landed and died from fall damage. Considering you did /spawn you will respawn at spawn obviously. Collecting your lost item. Now place that item you picked up from your death and place into a chest. Now after that, you die again without doing /spawn. When you respawn you get the same items you put back into the chest and what you picked up from your first death. The way I fixed it was by adding the invincible flag to the spawn region. I have tested this with another type of teleport command such as /is go which teleports you to your island. This method does not work. Considering my players do not have access to the /tp command, only /tpa, I did not test with that command. I hope this helps solve a duplication glitch from either spigot or a plugin that I am currently using. The list is here:

    Plugins (18): WorldEdit, Vault, PermissionsEx, LoginSecurity, WorldGuard, Essentials, FastCraft, Citizens, EssentialsSpawn, ChopTree3, ASkyBlock, DeluxeChat, Greenhouses, EssentialsChat, Multiverse-Core, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, HyperConomy, HyperMerchant
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    "you will respawn at spawn obviously collecting your lost items"

    If you're letting them keep items, then yes that's a dupe issue. I suggest you just don't let the player drop anything if you're giving them their inventory as soon as they respawn.
  3. Most skyblock servers don't share the players inventory on all worlds. Makes sense
  4. No no they are doing the command /spawn before falling into the void. So when they do this command they get fall damage when they use the command during fall. Killing them anyways. And when they respawn it respawn them at spawn since that is where they died, picking up there items. I do not have keep inventory on.
    I only have a skyblock world on one server. No other worlds except skyblock and the nether.
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    Isnt there an option to cancel tp on move In essentials? If so wouldn't that cancel when falling? Also wouldn't that apply to /spawn?
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  6. Might be the solution. +1
  7. I don't mind them tping to spawn To save themselves from falling into the void. But yeah that would avoil dupes.
  8. My main reason for this post is to find if it is spigot or plugin issue. Not how to prevent it because I already have stopped it from happening by allowing invincible flag to world guard region around spawn.