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  1. hey guys

    is the a permission for my staff to bypass the orebfuscator like in the orebfuscator plugin Orebfuscator.deobfuscate?
  2. md_5

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    No, that seems a bit shifty to do anyway.
  3. waah that's kind of uncool

    is there really no way you could implement that? :)
  4. SuperSpyTX


    What do you want?

    A 2 ticks per second server or,

    A 20 ticks per second server.
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    Is this a trick question? o_O :p
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  6. Sure, a "de-obfuscate" could be added. The real question is whether it should be added.

    The extra checks needed to de-obfuscate for only certain players would seriously hurt the performance of the obfuscator. Since one of the main goals for Spigot is high-performance, the chances are very low that such a permission will be added. Particularly for your unnecessary edge case need.

    The feature doesn't even exist on the full Orebfuscator Bukkit plugin.
  7. *coughs*
    ^ The above also causes very little performance issues from what I've noticed on our server when we ran Oreb.

    Source Material:
  8. SuperSpyTX


    Also for future reference.

    The built in orebfuscator is not meant to do lots of things, it's truly meant to be a performance enhanced Orebfuscator with minimal features.

    Go to lishid's Orebfuscator plugin if you want features.
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  9. Well now I feel silly. I only skimmed through the docs and I completely missed that. I still stand by it being a waste of resources for an edge case and shouldn't be added to Spigot.
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    Yeah its best to use the actual plugin for extra features/additions - Spigots orebfuscator is meant to be very lightweight with close to no performance losses.
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