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Spigot outdated version message.

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by DrMoose, May 22, 2017.


Should this get added ?

Poll closed Jun 1, 2017.
  1. Yes! I would like this feature to get added.

  2. Meh.

  3. No! You should always use the newest versions!!!

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  1. I know that using outdated versions of spigot isnt very good, but this is a minor thing that bothers me xD. The thing is, im rolling a modified spigot version, which cant be updated every day to the newest build, so of course, im starting to get this message at the startup of the jar.


    My suggestion is: add an option to toggle this message, i know that would only save us 15 seconds of our lives when we want to start the server up, but it may be good, if you have an auto-restart skript or plugin that automatically restarts your server, that would make the 'restart waiting time' of the players shorter. It isnt something that needs to get added ASAP, but its just a minor thing that i and maybe some other people would like.
  2. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    if you're capable of modifying the server, you're capable of finding where that message is printed ;)
    There is a system properly to disable that message, I generally hate sharing it because people use it and then wonder why their months outdated server has crashed, due to a bug that was fixed on day one and wanna have a hissy fit on IRC or something... *shrugs*
  3. I actually edited the jar with a tutorial, and the reason why i edited is: Entity Collision. The plugin NoCollison actually needs an edited jar.
  4. I agree with this. I don't have time to update my testing server 24/7, because updating (buildtools) takes VERY long....
  5. Ill add a poll, if i can, so we can count the votes properly.
  6. electronicboy

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    The timer is currently set to 14 days, I'm fairly sure that once in a fortnight for a testing server you can survive with buildtools... Doesn't exactly take long after the initial build so long as you're not running on a toaster and don't delete the buildtools folder (as recommended).

    Adding an option to the config (especially when there is already a way to disable this with system properties) is highly counter productive to the whole reason why that timer was added anyways
  7. But this still doesnt change the fact, even if youre using a 1.8.8 version of spigot, it will still recieve these messages. I know that an update like this wont change the behavior ( Correct that word for me pls ) of 1.8.8 tho.
  8. I know that this cant remove the messages in 1.8.8-1.11 versions of spigot ( maybe even 1.11.2 ), but atleast add this feature to spigot 1.12
  9. electronicboy

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    1.8.8 is unsupported, however;
    Generally speaking, if you want to run outdated software, you should know what you're doing, finding the flag to disable that or removing the associated code, isn't rocket science for those that know what they're doing, and as i've said; the moment that we add an option to the config for that message (which once again, a system properly exists for disabling that), is the moment we go back to people running around complaining that a bug just crashed their server and throwing a paddy over a bug that was fixed in the first week of that version being public months after it was released.

    heck, the release of 1.12 pre puts us back into a case of where there are highly likely to be a few game breaking bugs somewhere, there might not be, but it's highly annoying when the bug tracker or the IRC gets filled with people complaining over a bug that was fixed weeks, even months ago, has already been fixed.
  10. When I wake up in the morning I run the .sh script that gets the latest build tools and starts the build for a few craftbukkit versions and spigot versions and updates our test servers etc. By the time I got my coffee and sit down behind the system the shell shows a list of finished .jars and I can get started for that day with the server updates or test upgrades, etc. While it takes quite a bit, the upgrades are not too bad, and it's only when buildtools itself is a new build that it takes a bit longer, and even then it's not really a huge impact for me.

    Automating some of the repetitive steps really helps.
  11. MiniDigger


    if you swear that you really know what you are doing the delay will disable itself ;)
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  12. Well, if someone can automate jar downloading, opening with winrar, downloading a plugin from spigot, opening it, taking out the executable jar file to make the custom scoreboard classes, copying them, go into the spigot jar and placing them there, i would be thankful.
  13. You can actually already do this. I saw this somewhere but I think if you make a .txt or add something like the following to your start.bat, it will make it go away. I something long the lines of:
    "Itotallyknowwhatimdoingandwillnotaskforsupport" or something.
    Search it!
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  14. MiniDigger


    not even close, lol.
    try using the words in my last message ;)
  15. I once tried the flag, it doesn't work. I tried it in every position, before and after -jar, I typed it in different ways and never worked.
  16. MiniDigger


    then you quite simply don't know what you are doing. we call that noob filter ;)
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  17. I do, or else I wouldn't keep insisting on it. I wanted to do a 1.11.0 server and use ViaVersion so I could support the rest of the 1.11.x versions. But whatever... Probably it's because I'm using Paper and not the regular Spigot.
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  18. I mean, I voted yes, just cuz I kind of hate the message personally. I do setups for people, and when they want a 1.8 PVP server or a 1.9 server (idk why), I have to wait every single time for the dang message to go away when I start the freaking server!!! Driving me nuts!

    But, you should always update your server no matter what. I only use ViaVersion if I'm forced to. For example, if the 1.12 update is rolling out, but Spigot didn't have the pre-release, then that means I can't get players using 1.12 to get on, which also drive me mad. I mean, not every single developer add compatibility within a second of the jar release, right? If they did, awesome, but what about the rest of the plugins?

    So, here's my conclusion. I like to get this feature implemented. However, it would be much better if there will be a config option to remove the notification. In a way, it gives you an ideal warning that you should update your jar since most updates patches up bugs and stuff. However, that doesn't mean that everyone like updates... :(
  19. Well, I just got the flag to work today. I guess I actually know what I am doing lol
  20. Add --IReallyKnowWhatIAmDoingISwear to the start file AFTER the jar file. IK very weird name.

    If you know how to change the files, you can make a simple path to put out another message in or read from a file

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