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  1. Anytime I try to patch any spigot, I get this error
    Code (Text):
    error: sha1 information is lacking or useless (src/main/java/net/minecraft/server/MinecraftServer.java).
    I have read the wiki and saw a git config option to set to true & that didn't help.
    Any help?
  2. You could try updating/reinstalling java, JRE and JDK to the latest stable version. You could also try to update/install maven.

    Edit: wait, how exactly are you doing it?
  3. I'm doing it how they explain to. Also my Java and Maven have nothing to do with Git.
  4. Generally, that error means that git is unable to locate the location where the patch needs to be provided. Did you drop any patches or add them incorrectly?
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  5. You guys are no help, if you don't understand the error or are providing a stack overflow link that you haven't read, don't reply. I need serious help not just reaction/message hungry skids
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  6. Really? We are all tryna solve your issue and your ungrateful. This place is a community and we aren't obliged to help you like as if you were my totally valued customer. Other than this, we're trying our best by verifying that you have the basics ready before you even attempt to do an action that requires that, probably none of us have faced such an issue too but still try to help because it may just be a simple mistake on your part.
    The "fatal:" issue seems to be coming from git's command line, I'm quite sure none of us use that to build BuildTools, we directly run a cmd up and do "java -jar BuildTools.jar --rev (latest or version)" and boom it worked for me, so are you copying the wrong repository with git or are you simply not gonna try another method of building Spigot.

    Oh yea, if you are trying to build any version lower than 1.10.2, it isn't going to work, that's what spigotmc hub said:
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  7. You sure about that?

  8. Oh well guess I'm blind then oops.
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