Spigot perfomace 1.14.4 vs 1.15.1

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  1. Perhaps I have created this topic in vain and this question has already been resolved, but I can not find answers to it.
    Now I use Spigot 1.14.4 in conjunction with bungeecoord, without mods, only technical plugins like LogBlock AuthMe-LegendChat etc, with the most vanilla game.
    The maximum number of slots on the server is 25, the drawing range is 6 chunks, 20 ticks per tile and 20 ticks per entity, 8 GB of RAM is allocated for the server. The i9-9400F processor and all related components.
    But even under such conditions, on version 1.14.4 with 22 players, the TPS lag begins to go up to 16 units, with full online of 25 people - 10 units.
    On this hardware configuration of the server server on the spygot version 1.12.2, I was able to easily place 50 people with minimal delays (bunkers and heavy redston schemes still make themselves felt).
    How are things with performance on version 1.15.1? Any reviews of vanilla server administrators? Is there a chance to see 30 people online without lagging behind TPS on a clean vanilla server?
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    Performance is noticeably better on 1.15.1, there is no reason to run 1.14.4 anymore IMO as 1.15.1 is basically the same but better. Just update.
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  3. There's definitely a performance difference in 1.15 compared to 1.14.

    Have you tried following this thread to help optimise how your server performs too?
    You should really try running a timings and looking into what could be causing your server lag. You can use the data from the timings to configure certain things to stop dropping server TPS.
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  4. In my opinion, running 1.14.x versions is the biggest mistake you could make having a Minecraft server at the moment. You should definitely update to 1.15.2. Most plugins should work, as nothing major changed (unless they relied in NMS). Unfortunately, it still isn't peak 1.12.2 performance, but 1.14 needs to be forgotten about.
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  5. You should always choose 1.15 over 1.14. In regards to performance, 1.15 is much worse than 1.13, which is worse than 1.12.
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  6. *cough* Use Paper. There’s almost no reason not to.
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  7. Building off this: I'm still running my server in 1.13.2 because I was too afraid to update to 1.14. Would there be a performance increase or decrease if I updated from 1.13.2 to 1.15.2 (using paper)

    I can handle about 60 players in 1.13.2 before I start losing TPS but that's only after tons of optimization.
  8. I haven't done testing, nor am I sure if anyone else is, but from inferencing 1.15 may be slightly worse than 1.13.2, though like I said nothing to back that up. If you could, try running a test (make backups prior!) and see what happens?
  9. 1.15.2 got various performance improvements, and PaperMC is a necessity. Even if 1.15.2 does have worse performance than 1.13.2, you’ll still experience a significant improvement in performance after moving from Spigot to PaperMC.

    PaperMC is so hilariously well-optimized it’s crazy.
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  10. I'm already using Paper 1.13.2. So what's the difference between paper 1.13.2 and 1.15.2?
  11. If you updated from Paper 1.13.2 to 1.15.2 at the moment, there would almost certainly be a performance decrease.
  12. Ah. I thought you were using Spigot. In that case, you’ll probably notice a performance decrease. However, I’d still say it’s worth it to make the move. The decrease won’t be that significant once you optimize your server.

    I highly recommend following this wonderful guide, including the bukkit.yml and spigot.yml sections, not just paper.yml as even though you’re using Paper, the bukkit.yml and spigot.yml files still exist and function.
    Additionally, I also greatly recommend the Farm Limiter plugin, a super configurable premium but cheap plugin that does wonders to prevent lag without affecting gameplay that much. Also, you should try trimming down on your list of plugins. Try finding plugins that can do what several of your plugins can do and remove any plugins your server doesn’t 100% need. Also, you might find more optimized versions of plugins on your server.

    On top of that, you should also install LaggRemover. It works perfectly in 1.15.2 and reduces your server’s lag by a large margin. It can even cut your server’s RAM usage in half, and the best part: it doesn’t affect gameplay in any way, unlike ClearLagg, which you should avoid.
  13. >1.12.2 is just a mess with lag at the moment. Microsoft are doing what they can at the moment to remove the lag :)
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  14. 1.13.2 is the most stable in recent releases.

    1.15.x is a large improvement over 1.14.x, but 1.13.2 is the current best.
    However, I still think its now perfectly fine to be using the lastest build.
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