Suggestion Spigot please :D

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  1. Hello spigot may you add own ticket handler at spigot website :p
    so the authors won't be confused to answer questions at called "discuss this thread"

    however they will answer all questions 1 by 1 ( Organized )

    yes ikr they can make at github or some external sites how about the noobs ? it won't loose
  2. maldahleh

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    Spigot's resources section makes use of XenForo's Resource Manager, as a result we would need to find an add-on that would allow for a ticket system. There is an add-on out there designed by Brivium, for $45, but after a lot of research by a few members on the XenForo forums, it's evident that Brivium can't be trusted. Besides the Brivium add-on, there are no real other options out there so one would have to be custom made.
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    For the reasons that Tux mentioned, I don't see a ticket system being implemented in the near future.
  4. Good news then :p