Spigot Plugin Messaging 1.13

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  1. You can cleary see what causes the error (your channel doesn't contain ':' separator).
    As of 1.13 update, the way how channels look like changed a bit.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but now your channel should be named using this pattern: "<plugin name>:<channel name>".
    For example: KillSystem:UpdateStats.
  2. Messenger there is a good description what you should do.
  3. It's yet not completed to fit 1.13 standards.

    P.S: My bad, it is.
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  4. Thats the adaption for 1.13. For clarification it will be an improvement to overload the methods with a Plugin , NameSpacedKey and listener.

    Screenshot 2018-07-29 at 17.58.02.png
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  5. I figured this out by looking at how worldedit did it, its quite strange as the change does not seem to be documented on the wiki or anywhere else obvious either with an example. Is it the same with sending a message too you need to do the pluginname:channelname when sending a message?
  6. Sorry but it just saying your channel doesn't contain a ':' seperator is quite vague, a clearer error would be your channel name should follow pluginname:channel naming convention or simular.