Spigot plugin puntuation system is broken

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  1. When my first Premium plugin reached 470 purchases and 58 reviews, i noticed that, spigot plugin puntuation system is broken, i explain you why i think so,

    In my Premium plugin i have a mark of 4.91 stars with 58 reviews

    56 reviews
    of 5 stars
    1 review
    of 4 stars
    1 review
    of 1 star

    Really just 2 reviews out of 56, makes me lose the 5 stars?

    I think this isnt the way it should work, but, if you have some explanation of this rating system, just explain me because i really want to understand it but i can't.

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  2. Strahan


    It's pretty simple. 56 * 5 = 280. 280 + 4 + 1 = 285. 285 / 58 reviews = 4.91. As 4.91 is less than 5, you don't have five stars. The fifth star is half shaded, indicating your review rating is above four but below five. Makes sense to me.

    Five stars would indicate perfect reviews, which you do not have. The only way to get five stars now is to get those two to change their review score, assuming that's even possible after the fact.

    PS - I just reviewed a plugin so I could test... doesn't seem you can change your score after you submit it. You can delete though. If you are really thirsty for that five star rating, I'd ask those two users to delete their reviews. The four star person should be amenable; it's not like it's your fault they tried to use a BC plugin on Spigot. You're prolly SOL on the one star person though.

    Not like having a 4.91 rating is a problem anyway, lol. You may be a little too much on the perfectionist side :)
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  3. OMG, it's like I'm back in high school physics, trying to figure out my grade. o_O
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