Spigot plugin referening config on across bungee network

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  1. Hello all, I need for all of my spigot based plugins to point and get their information from 1 config file. It is across a bungee network. How would I go about doing this? Thanks
  2. Are all your servers on the same machine?
    And which operating system do you use?

    If you use Linux, you could use (bind) mounts or symlinks.
    Symlinks only work if all servers are on the same machine, if your servers are on different machines, you need to mount them first and then create the symlinks.
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  3. Using it for either VPS or multicraft type hosting. Would such a feat be possible on these platforms? Thanks for your feedback!
  4. If your vps runs Linux, yes.
    Windows has similar functionality but I never tried that with config files.
  5. Don't think it runs linux, any other ideas? ;/
  6. You should not attempt to play around with flatfile cross-server, or even across Minecraft server instances.

    Ideally, save the data in a database, access it via database. You could also do something like have a S3 bucket, each server has a unique access key, fetches an object containing configuration. I prefer the former method.
  7. There is nothing wrong with symlinking config files as long as these files only get modified by admins and not by plugins.
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  8. I think I would have to change them as well. Basically what I'm tasked with doing is Storing Staff's IP's and then if they login through a different IP, have them execute a command that will chaneg their name in this universal config file.
  9. If the file is modified by multiple servers at the same time, it will definitely become corrupted.
    While it's fine to symlink config files that are only modified by admins and not by plugins, symlinking data files in which plugins store their data will inevitable lead to corrupted data.
  10. So what would my best option be? Just try it with bungee api?
  11. As @themadman300 already said, use a database.