Solved Spigot Plugin Rules (downloading and running executables in plugins)

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  1. Hello all,
    I am currently experimenting in the implementation of one of my plugins and I wanted to know what Spigot allows.
    I have one plugin that I want to open a jar file executable with, and I wanted to know if that was allowed. It is not malicious, it is just the editor that can be used alongside the plugin.

    It would only work for the server owner with the server computer running the file I suppose but it would still be a cool thing to test even without releasing anyways.

    The plugin:

    The Runnable Jar File:

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  2. I think your post should be in the spigot plugin help section cause you're asking for the rules of spigot and not some code, right?
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    Why do you want to load the jar yourself exactly?

    If it's another plugin on the server, just depend (or soft depend) on it and use its classes for what you like.
  4. No it's not a plugin.

    Why not just let the user open up the panel himself? Cause you know, if I download your plugin and your plugin opens up a jar application on my linux server (without any display) I'd be pretty mad. Create an ingame editor.
  5. I already marked as solved thanks anyways,
    You would have to download it otherwise it wouldn't open anything on your server. I haven't made it in-game because I made it for a school project.
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    Ah - I saw "PLUGIN" in large text at the overview page and assumed it was one. You're right, it's a standalone API.

    I would still not load the plugin myself but rather depend on it and shade it to my own jar using (i.e) the maven shade plugin.
    This way you'll always know that you have the compatibly API you want.