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  1. Hello Everyone!
    As you are all aware Microsoft are releasing a Windows 10 only version of Minecraft, this version will be the minecraft Pocket Edition of Minecraft allowing join play between Xbox, Android/Ios & Windows 10.
    Now I can't be the only server owner worried when this version is featured in the Windows 10 store, because it will be on launch. There we will get an influx of people complaining why they cant connect to our servers with their highly discounted version of Minecraft Windows 10 (Pocket Edition).

    What I want to make sure is that we are all prepared for anything Micosoft does in the future, This version is written in C++, finally getting away from the Java Virtual machine, This may be the path windows wants to take minecraft for the future, having one universal version across all devices, and the way they do that is with a language that isn't Java.

    My suggestion is going out to the Spigot team to start work on a Spigot Pocket Edition Server, I know there is PocketMine already, maybe there could be a collaboration? The reason Im requesting Spigot be the front man in this new arena is mostly for plugin developers to get on board, maybe there can be a bridge between the current plugins to get them working on a Pocket Edition server.

    I would love to hear other server owners thoughts about the new Windows 10 version, and the future you think Minecraft will end up in, I would also like to get some feedback from the Spigot team for future proofing the admincraft community.


    - Tom
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  2. saphiria


    Ive asked about this before, but still it would be cool... I would support it.
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  3. I don't really see the point... :confused:
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  4. You can look into PocketMine, it uses PHP, which is the best programming language in the world.
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  5. Fixed your post, you can thank me later
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  6. Not going to lie, I was going to work on a custom MCPE server that'll be compatible with plugins that use the bukkit api, however there is just a lack of "functionally" with MCPE.
    @bramhaag Java isn't the best language either, so you haven't got much of a leg to stand on.
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    Thread locked

    I'm only locking this thread because this is something that was discussed over the past weekend when it was announced, regarding future plans for Minecraft, what might be happening to the code base, and so on and so forth. While we don't have any official statements to make at this time, it is something we are aware of and will address sometime in the future once more information is available.
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