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  1. So I know most server owners here want speed, and that's why they use Spigot.
    Tell me if I'm wrong, but Spigot is based off of Craftbukkit's dev / beta builds. Not the recommended ones for sure.
    Would it be possible to, like Craftbukkit, have different build tags?
    So the recommended would be CraftBukkit's recommended + Spigot tweaks; same for beta and dev.

    This wouldn't require more work from the Spigot team as the builds are picked by the CraftBukkit community. All you would have to do is follow their lead.
    A bot could even take care of tagging the builds. If needed I can write a Python program to help for this.

    I think this could be beneficial.
    What do you think?

    EDIT: I think I posted this in the wrong section. Should this be Bugs & Feature Requests?
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    Probably, a moderator can move the post later :p.

    Anyway, i personally would not have a need for this, however i do think it is a good idea and could benefit other owners.
  3. I don't see a need to use old builds, and they would have to make more builds. Anyway, this is in the right section.
  4. I can do it in 1 line.

    Current Recommended Build: Lastest Build

    Always applies, imo. (Unless there is a red dot next to it. That one might not work.)
  5. I definitely think it would. Having a stable server is really important to me.

    The goal isn't to use old builds, but stable and tested ones.
    I'm willing to sacrifice being up to date with Minecraft to have a stable server. Especially with the new launcher which allows to choose versions.

    No, these are far from always stable.
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    Dont really care if it is unstable as long as it does the job :D

    Edit: MICHAELBYRNEfbi you have a point ;P
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  7. Why would you want a server that crashed a lot and could conflict plugins.
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    Uh... yea... whoops...

    Basically, always TRY OUT the latest dev build, see if it has a fix, and if it is stable.
  9. Why should I have to do it when it has already been done by the Craftbukkit community?

    The idea here is that Craftbukkit recommended builds are guaranteed to be stable. So it's pretty safe to assume that it's Spigot derivate will also be stable.
    Therefore this doesn't require more work from the Spigot team. Just a bot that tags Spigot builds accordingly to what Craftbukkit build they're based off.
  10. Maybe displaying what build they correspond to may be useful (vs. checking upstream) - but I don't think that just because CB recommend it means that Spigot should by default. Spigot can have it's own special bugs!
  11. Of course, but basing a Spigot build off of a recommended build will still be more stable than one based off a dev build. It's like adding bugs over a stable foundation, or over a buggy foundation. Which would you prefer?
  12. I use an automated update system that downloads the latest spigot build every day. This way I can save a lot of time by never having to worry about updating. This works most of the time, but every once and a while they post a build that has a serious bug in it. Then the server crashes or runs poorly for a day and users get pissed. I think it would make a lot of sense to have a recommended build channel that had a bit more testing than the latest build. People shouldnt have to worry at all that the server will crash or be unstable when they go to download SpiGot.
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    Bukkit hasn't released 1.7 recommended build yet.
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    Yes, md_5's policy is and always has been to only commit a Spigot version when there is high confidence that it will stable for servers to use. The primary idea behind all of Spigot's builds is that EVERY build is a stable build.

    The only time that I know of that this has ever failed is when that certain method deprecated last week and the number got too large for servers to handle. Even then, that wasn't something that they necessarily caused directly.

    Nonetheless, you should have full confidence in every version of Spigot that you use, and you can trust in its reliability and stability for your server.
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