spigot server - java 7 or java 8 ? any performance experience ?

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    i'm wounder some new nice plugins are for jaava 8 only :(.

    do you have any experience with java 7 switch to java 8 ?

    currently i'm on jdk1.7.0_67 jre1.7.0_55 jre1.7.0_60 jre1.7.0_67 and mostly spigot 1649 and 1.8.6.

    is java 8 impreve my server performance reduce memory usage ? :)
  2. Did you do 'yum install java7' or whatever os your using?
    I prefer 7, i personally haven't noticed much performance difference from 7 & 8.
  3. Generally a java update should always be installed and java7 is already really outdated...

    Performance should probably better, depending on your plugins, especially reflection was improved in java8.
  4. Decent developers will know that JDK7 works with both itself and JDK8 so they will compile there plugins with JDK7.
    Oracle only just recently dropped support for java 7.
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  5. Java 8 is the official and supported platform for Java. It also has features not present in Java 7.

    It's likely that it won't have much change in performance, but may run smoother.
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    yes i have alot of plugins my bigest server has more than 60 i read that and i'm wounder


    i think i will test if test java change for my network didnt destroy anything :) i just expect little more performance and stability
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    Hi Cewlt :) many thanks for OneMore plugins :)

    i read that spigot recomment j8 http://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/spigot-installation/

    and : Note: MaxPermSize is no longer supported in Java 8
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    you mean faster server start ? it will be nice i'll check that :)

    i remember that apllications under java 3 has start something about 5 minutes... ;-) on old tomcat servlets containers and after switch to java 4 it was much faster 3-4 times ;-)
  10. Dont use java 8 ;-;
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    please say more :)
  12. Please don't Juppi.
    No explanation, no reasons, content is wrong.
  13. Why? Java 8 is better than Java 7 in many ways.
  14. I don't have any benchmarks to show, but the JVM in Java 8 is much smarter than Java 7's, giving pretty decent performance increases.
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    i think i saw it on minecrart (client) startup on linux but its my feeling i didnt use time
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    Personally I would stick with Java 7 as most plugins are compiled against Java 7.
    If you didn't care about plugins, use Java 8.
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  17. Your top line makes no sense. If they're compiled with Java 8 then Java 7 cannot run them.
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    Shhh, it's been a long day. I've been awake since 12PM GMT -.-
  19. Java 8 can run Java 7 plugins by the way.
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