Spigot server on Raspberry PI?

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Is it possible to run a spigot server on a raspberry pi?

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  1. Hey everybody,

    do you have experience with a spigot mc server on a raspberry pi? I own a Raspberry, but I don't know if its even possible to do that with the architecture and the hardware. What is with the ram usage, is it enough for circa 10 - 20 people and which version of the raspberry pi have you used?
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  2. Why? Genuinely curious as to why you’re asking.
  3. yes you can but its very slow - you just need arm java!
  4. 10-20 people seems like a bit much depending on what the game mode is. (I can really only imagine minigames at best)
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  5. Its just survival with a few (anticheat, shop) plugins. There will also be very few players.
  6. What is with the Raspberry pi 4 model b? It has at least 2 GB memory. I mean, if I would rent a server, I would for this player amount and game mode (survival) also take 2 GB.
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  7. MiniDigger


    ram is not the limiting factor for mc, the cpu is. I mean, ppl run desktop cpus since server cpus can't keep up with minecraft servers, don't expect a cpu thats as low powered as mid range phones to run the game properly.

    generally, it will not be nice, it will not be fast, you will not have many players (I would be surprised if you can hold 10 if they spread), you will not have much fun.
    but it will run.
  8. Strahan


    If you have the Pi, then experiment and figure it out. Tinkering like that is part of the fun :)
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  9. I have experience with running Minecraft servers on the Raspberry Pi and other single board computers. Spigot and Paper 1.12.2 and below run without any issue, will probably work just fine for up to 10 players. Vanilla 1.12.2 and below lags quite a lot because of terrain generation, but if you use a pre-generated world (that you've prepared on your PC using the WorldBorder plugin), it will work just as good as Spigot and Paper. With 1.13 and 1.14 the story is quite different, the Pi struggles running the server in itself, even if I use Spigot or Paper. The TPS is horrible, you can get an experience close to playable by pre-generating the world, though TPS drops will still be common.

    P.S.: If you want to run Oracle Java, there is only version 8 and only for the Raspberry Pi and not other single board computers. OpenJDK works on ARM up to version 11.
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  10. Of course there are limitations which have to be considered. you will never reach the performance of an advanced server.
    CPU performance, Memory quantity and performance, Internet Connection, and, software. should always be taken into account.

    Using a lower Minecraft version will reduce the CPU and Memory load on the both computer and connection.
    I can't imagine more than 10 players, even on the most performant PI version due to Internet connection throughput.
  11. MiniDigger


    Bandwidths is always your very last issue, lol. The bottleneck of any pi is the cpu